Youth Alcoholism, How To Deal With It?

Given the alarming increase in young people addicted to alcohol, it is our fundamental duty as parents to prevent and know how to support them.

One of the problems that as parents of teenage children we must face is alcohol consumption. Our children begin to grow, constantly go out with or without our permission to socialize and have fun, and are exposed to alcohol without realizing the dangers that it brings.

If you think it is time to talk with your children about the causes and consequences of alcohol consumption, it is important that you take note of these tips; This way you can reinforce love, trust and respect between you and your children.

1. Drinking alcohol is not necessary

I remember that since I was little my father gave me a taste of his glass of wine and told me that he was teaching me to drink. You can teach your children that drinking is not necessary to have fun, have a good time and socialize with friends.

2. Open communication

It is time to face the issue. First, do your research and focus on the message you want to convey to your children; do not face them alone, prepare yourself in the company of your partner, talk calmly, in harmony and with all the patience in the world. Create an environment that provides trust and security.

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3. Come up with strategies

So that the topic is not only in the area of ​​written knowledge, it is important to create strategies for you to observe your child’s behavior at parties and meetings. Organize one in your house, this way you can meet their friends.

4. Show confidence

If your child asks your permission to go to a party and you know there will be alcohol, it is important that you trust him and allow him to attend; Talk to him again, but don’t forbid him a way out. Doing so can backfire and you will see alcohol as something you need. Show him that you trust him.

5. Talk about your experiences

In order to create reflection and awareness in your children, talk about your experiences when you were their age. If you know a friend or close person with alcoholism problems, tell your children about this situation. If this doesn’t work, find some help center and take your child to confront him with reality. So you can be interested and reflect.

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6. Motivate him

Learn what tastes fill your child with joy and surround him with them. Their friends and your child will find other ways of living together in their tastes, without the need to consume alcohol. Enroll him in that sports or recreational activity that he shares with his friends, for example. Remember that any physical or intellectual activity will take away leisure time.

If the problem got out of control ..

Our duty as parents is to give love to our children and give them unconditional support to face the problem of alcoholism together. If you are aware that the situation is complicated and you have no control, go to therapists or specialists who will help you and guide you and your family in this regard.

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As parents we always seek the well-being of our children and it fills us with fear to face a problem like this, so common in our days and with fatal consequences. Therefore, I invite you to reflect on the importance of the message that you are going to transmit to your children. Family unity is the basis of the attitudes we take every day. Learn with them and create that bond of trust and love with your children.

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