Your Wife Is Going Blind. So He Goes Into A Makeup Business And Does Something Unexpected

True love has no limits. And if you don’t think so, know what this husband does for his love

The love moves the world. It is so. And loves like those in this story that I will tell you, there are few. Undoubtedly, the love that lasts is that based on respect, empathy, and the desire to see the other happy. As in the case of Brian and Jen, a couple who are traveling the networks because of his unusual attitude towards his wife.

The Sun collects the story through a post on the networks, published by an employee of a cosmetics store. The person who uploaded the photo to the Internet begins by saying “this is why I love my job”, and in the photo you can see an elderly couple, both with white hair and a pleasant smile on their face. She is Jen and he is Brian, and they are there because the man is taking makeup classes. The reason is so tender that it will make you cry (and believe in love).

According to the store clerk, Brian takes regular makeup classes so that he can do makeup for his wife in the near future. Jen is slowly going blind due to illness, and since her husband knows that she is flirtatious and wants to look good, he will do the job for her. If that’s not love, what is it?

Brian looks like a professional, as Jen is perfectly made up. In addition to the colors, love lights up her face. The photo went viral in a matter of days, and people do not stop being moved by the beautiful gesture of the man. Even the rudest sighs in love for this unconditional act.

The employee caption next to the photo reads: »Why do I love my job so much! Meet Jean and Brian, two of our most loyal clients, Brian was in for a new makeup lesson today as he does makeup on his wife every day because she is going blind, such a wonderful couple living life to the fullest! ! “, wrote.

Love is dedicated

Love can be many things, but above all true love is dedicated. This man did not minimize his wife’s coquetry, but understood that it was something important to her, and he proceeded accordingly.

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Gestures like these highlight the essential values ​​of couple love. The look on the other is what makes us see that a couple’s relationship walks on the same axis and points towards the same goal. When love is watered so that it does not dry out, the relationship will never stop being fruitful.

As we move into old age it is not always easy to maintain the enthusiasm of the loves of youth. But the small gestures of affection are what ennoble the soul and amalgamate the relationship even more. The empathy shown by this man with a gesture as simple as it is altruistic makes us think that relationships based on respect for the other are the ones that really succeed.

Love is not only of the young

When we think of couple relationships, we do not always see the image of an older adult couple. However, it is the relationships that last into adulthood that have forged strong bonds. At that age she no longer goes through physical contact relationships, but the interaction becomes more emotional.

Sharing old age as a couple must be something wonderful. Almost all couples aim for it initially, only many are left behind. In old age, if a couple has faced great challenges, their love consolidates and grows stronger.

If you believe in dedicated loves and for life, share this story, to fall in love and fall in love.

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