Your Son, Lover Of Others? 5 Things You Should Do To Avoid It

For a small child to take things from others, it does not make him a bad child, as it is part of his growth. But that you as a father allow it, that does make you a bad father.

They say that a thief is less a product of need than of opportunity. Although sometimes it happens that it is a simple taste for others, a taste that in many cases comes from the education we give our children at home.

Children — especially young ones — believe that everything is theirs and this is normal. It is not that they are bad children, but that they are just in the process of learning about norms, values ​​and behavior in society. That is why, both in this matter and in many other issues that make up the education of minors, it is important that as a parent you are present, especially in prevention. Teach your children how they should behave in all circumstances. Don’t wait for things to happen under the idea that “your child is incapable of that.”

Don’t educate a thief

It is in childhood when we discover the limits. It is very rare for a minor to be fully aware of the evil they cause and, however, it is at this time that as parents we must deal with all kinds of bad behavior on their part. It is typical, for example, to find that they see something that is of interest to them and simply take it. And even if it seems like it, this is not theft, in the strict sense of the word, but simply part of a process that involves discovering how far your rights go.

That is why you must be alert, so that when these situations occur you can explain to them that what they are doing is wrong, why it is like that and, in addition, you are ready to take action on the matter. Here are some suggestions to achieve it

1. Talk about the good and the bad

Encourage your child’s positive attitudes and explain — as much as necessary — why he shouldn’t take on someone else’s. Also try to be congruent between what you teach your child and the way you behave.

2. Face the situation immediately

If your child has taken something that is not his, do not punish him from the beginning. First of all, explain to him that what he did is wrong and have him return it. In case the child is aware of his action, give him a punishment that also involves assuming his guilt and apologizing to the person affected.

Do not hurt their physical or emotional integrity. Remember that people speaking understand each other. And if you have doubts, lead him to do the right thing, but do not judge him if you are not sure of anything.

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3. Discover their reasons

There are times when children take what is foreign because they feel they need it. They can even do it because they think they are helping a loved one. It is not the most common, but it does happen, so try to find out what motivated their behavior in the first place. That way you will know what to do to prevent it from happening again.

4. Teach your children the value of things

If you teach them to get their own thing on their own, they will not only discover its value, but how to get what they want, without having to become a thief.

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5. Do not fulfill all their whims

Believe me when I tell you that you will not be doing him any favors, if you fulfill each of his whims. On the contrary, you will make him feel that he is worthy of everything. Although it hurts, you should let your child know that it is not your obligation to please him every moment. Make sure they are aware that many things are earned, many others are not really necessary and that others are simply not part of your obligations.

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Bad behaviors are not born with human beings. That that children are little angels has a lot of truth, because they are totally clean souls. I wish it were possible to keep them that way for the rest of their lives, but it is almost impossible. However, remember that education begins at home and that the thief is not born, it is done.

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