Your Smile Is An Ambassador Of Your Person. Meet The Angel Who Can Take Care Of Her

They say that the best accessory of a woman is her smile, I would add that of men, the elderly and children, too.

I have friends with dentists or – which is the same thing – dentists. And I must confess that I imagined that his profession would be the typical one that would never lack clients. What’s more: I believed that all dentists should have a lot of money. The truth is that this is not the case.

It happens that sometimes patients are extremely scarce, even when they have payment facilities, and there are people with oral problems —and many—. However, we have the cards saturated with purchases for months without interest, payments of crazy weekends or vacations that perhaps we should not have taken at that time, but if it is the health of our teeth, we believe that it is not something urgent. What’s more: some of us are willing to sacrifice our pieces in order not to invest in them.

I agree that they are not cheap, sometimes I have thought: “Wow, it’s just a tooth, I’m not giving a new car down payment. But the truth is, my teeth should be more valuable than a new car.

The teeth are responsible for grinding food and that they can be correctly processed, they help when we speak since they allow us to articulate sounds, and they are also responsible for maintaining the position of the skin of our face. Have you seen how a face without teeth looks all wrinkled?

The health of our mouth is really easy to maintain (you only need toothpaste, a brush and discipline: a lot of discipline) and yet it is one of the most neglected and — what is worse — it is almost always due to sheer neglect. The secret of good teeth is summed up in having good dental hygiene. Of course there are a few more aspects, but if you stick with cleanliness, you’re almost on the other side.

However I do not want to tell you how to keep your mouth healthy, or rather I do not want to delve into it, because in fact I have just told you how to do it. I want more than anything to give you some arguments as to why you should keep your teeth clean.

  • There is medical evidence that there is a relationship between periodontal infections, that is, infection in the gums and teeth, and cardiovascular diseases.

  • The oral diseases in pregnant women can cause work early delivery, underweight baby, tumors known as pyogenic granulomas, or even spontaneous abortions.

  • Gum diseases that are not treated can lead to silent arteriosclerosis. These, in turn, can cause complications of diabetic processes, arthritis, cerebrovascular accidents, among others.

  • Untreated cavities can cause gastrointestinal and neurological disorders.

  • People who do not have teeth or do not have all their teeth do not take advantage of all the benefits of food.

As you will see, teeth go far beyond having a beautiful smile. It includes 32 pieces divided into incisors, canines, premolars and molars, and many, many more medical benefits than with a little “fang”, brush and paste, you will avoid them taking their toll. Related to this topic, I invite you to read these articles.

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