Your Partner’s Best Kept Secret: He Mistreats You

Do not fall into the hands of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, look at the following characteristics before saying yes, I accept.

“Not all that glitters is gold”, says a popular saying and how right you are when applying it to relationships. Well, there have been few people who have believed they found the love of their life, when in fact they are about to start a story with the worst mistake of their days: an abuser.

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But how do you know if you are facing a back and forth abuser? Are there any clues that allow us to see beyond the details? Are there any warning signs? The answer is yes, indeed there are and I will point out some of them below:

Controls you

Beyond wondering how you are and what you are doing, try to organize your day, your routine and even your tastes.

Jealous of you

Without realizing it, you have begun to distance yourself from everyone who used to surround you. You no longer have friends and you visit your family very occasionally, but not because you have decided, but to avoid scenes or discussions with your partner, because for some time it seems to be uncomfortable that you have contact with more people.

Pressures you

He is constantly looking at how you dress and if something does not seem appropriate he DEMANDS you to change it. It does the same with your way of expressing yourself, your tastes and everything that has to do with control over you.

He forces you

To receive caresses when you do not want them, to dress as you are not interested, to give them keys to your social networks, email or even those of your bank. Always with the excuse that it is to see “something.”

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You’re scare of it

Have you ever felt that you are afraid of their reactions? Have you kept something quiet so as not to see him make a scene? Because it does not matter if it is something small and has a solution, for your partner it will be one of those melodrama and their reactions may not be the best.

Give blows

I am not talking about those that can be given to a person, but about those who hit the table, the wall, the objects that are within reach and everything that surrounds them. Well, apparently measuring the consequences of his actions is not inside his head at the moment of exploding with anger.

It does not respect your spaces

You are almost invisible, your purse, wallet, clothes and room have become one more part of your belongings, because it does not matter to you that each one should have their square meter, check everything, without limits.

Threatens you

No matter how many times you have tried to leave the relationship, the answer is always the same: “If you leave me, I will kill myself.” Well, he knows that with that he can dominate you and make you change your mind.

He says he will leave you, but he always stays

Almost like the story of Pedrito and the wolf, he has begun to tell you that it is better for him to leave, but in the middle of the discussion he puts together a scene in which you finally end up begging him to stay.

Forces you to have sex

Excuses for not having sex are useless, because they seem to care little. And when you feel like it, apparently you just have to obey.

If you detect that any of these characteristics is present in your relationship with your partner, it is time for you to start seeking help from the different government entities in your country and of course from your family, who will be the ones to welcome you in this difficult time. Always remember that your life is worth a lot and NOBODY has the right to mistreat you.


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