Your Children And The Society Of The Future

Your child does not understand the magnitude of the responsibility that as an individual and citizen he will carry on his shoulders when he grows up. Do you know how to prepare him for the world he will live in? Keep reading.

I am convinced that you, as a good mother, try to raise your children with the highest standards of conduct and education. I am sure that you are always concerned with making your son, when she grows up, become an example in her own family. When educating your children, you insist that they adhere to the laws and regulations that govern us in society.

I imagine that even if your child is already a teenager, it is difficult for him to understand the magnitude of the responsibility that as an individual and as a citizen he carries on his shoulders. He cannot see that the society of the future will be built by him, but the truth is that it will.

To live in society you have to continuously adapt to situations that are marked by the moment, the place, the person and the role that you play; Well, you have to adapt to what society expects of you and your loved ones: that in church you don’t run or play games, you don’t yell and behave seriously; that in the park you can go up, down, you can hang from the trees, wallow in the mud and scream at the top of your lungs; that when you arrive at your grandfather’s house, you greet everyone … whether you know them or not; that you should never forget the: “Don’t talk to any stranger on the street.”

The truth is that to prepare your children for the society of the future, there are three principles that you must give them from their childhood:

1. Tolerance

You have to be tolerant of all kinds of ideologies, religion, race and customs. Teach them that acceptance and respect for all people is a priority, regardless of their skin color, their way of thinking, customs and religion. The diversity of people and their social worlds should not be an impediment to a healthy coexistence. Show him that although they are very different from the ones you have instilled in him, learning from others in his day-to-day life can greatly enrich his life. Do not encourage him to practice racism and intolerance, everyone in this world is human and equal.

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2. Honor, support and uphold the law

The laws were made to guarantee good coexistence in society. There is a saying that says “wherever you go, do what you see.” If there is something that characterizes society, it is that throughout history it has drawn up laws and rules to follow. These have allowed, according to their uses and customs, to regulate attitudes and behaviors; so make him understand that no law is above another, simply and simply you have to abide by them and adapt to those different when you have the opportunity to travel to other places.

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3. Responsibility

We all have rights and obligations. Teach your children from a young age that every action always has consequences. That: “If you behave well you will do well, if you behave badly you will do badly.” If you behave well you will obtain benefits, if you behave badly you will obtain a punishment, and this means that: “if you fulfill your obligations you will be entitled to exercise your rights.” When you explain it to the little ones in this way, they perfectly understand that to get something you must do something in return.

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With this, children will understand that the teaching of values, customs and ways of conducting themselves taught at home has a purpose: to create good citizens so that tomorrow when they have to function as adults, they will have enough bases to fit in with society.

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