Your Boyfriend Wants To Introduce You To His Family. What Should You Know First?

When they tell you “I want to introduce you to my parents” you must be prepared and for this you have to know some key points

I want you to meet my family! I don’t know about you but these words always made me sweat and my answers (which were more like questions) were always the same: what, meet you? For what? Isn’t it very fast? While I was expressing this, other unknowns formed in my mind. What if they don’t like me or they don’t like me? What if they criticize me? What if I do something silly in front of them? What clothes will be more suitable to wear?

Although several men deny it to them, I do similar and with good reason because in some way the first impression is very important when your possible in-laws meet you.

Talk to your partner before

For this, it is necessary that they go to a place where they can talk without interruptions or noise that distracts them or does not allow them to communicate clearly and that the two have enough time to be able to undertake the task of analyzing the following points:

1. The objective

The first thing to clarify is the objective of this presentation, because it is not always to take the relationship to another level, it can also be only at the request of the parents to satisfy their curiosity as to who is their child with? Believe it or not, this is more common than you imagine and if you do not clarify it at the time you could be very disappointed, so it is better not to ignore the answer.

2. Your future

If his answer is that he wants to formalize his commitment to you , congratulations! It is an excellent time for you to think about whether you see that person in the not too distant future or you realize that he really is not the man you want for you, and if so, you are very much in time to give it back. to the page and start over, and as Psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. “If both of you don’t imagine the same type of future or the same future together, the relationship may not continue. Therefore, there would be no reason to meet your partner’s family.

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3. Parents and child

Try to know well what the exact relationship your boyfriend has with his parents is like, for example: How attached is he to them? How is his relationship with them? How attached are you to them? particularly from the mother, which is where there could be more conflict, how much do you frequent them? This in order for you to see if that does not cause you any problem and avoid ” surprises” in the near future.

If after reviewing these three points you think the time has come to settle down, go ahead! In case it is the first time you are going to see them, try to wear clothes with which you feel comfortable, it is not about projecting something that you are not, but it would not be correct to present yourself with rest clothing. Try to present your qualities in terms of manners, education and knowledge, because even if you are more interested in what your partner thinks, it is always very good to look good with in-laws. Much success and no nerves!


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