Young: The Measure Of Your Success Is Determined By You

Society should not determine the limits of a person’s success or triumph. If you want to know how to get on your way in the pursuit of success, read this article.

When I was about to enter the university, I felt lost. I didn’t know what was going to become of me in that great place, if it would turn out well and if it would meet the expectations that my parents and even society had placed on me. But to be frank, the last person I thought of was myself.

That situation, I must say, lasted for as long as I was studying the profession that I have now. That is why I tell you young person or parent who is reading to me: one of the worst mistakes that as people we can make is trying to meet the expectations of others. In the case of parents, it is also a mistake to pretend that children achieve, or achieve, the type of success that society imposes, instead of fighting for their own goals and desired successes. Therefore, I want to explain four important points to keep in mind when considering achieving success in whatever you set out to do.

1. Don’t give up on your dreams

Your parents may be one of those people who believe that all young people should go to college and that those who don’t will not be successful in life. It is in your hands to make them change their minds by showing them that the world has changed and now there are thousands of ways to do things and succeed in life.

However, do not forget that they have more experience in life and not only can you, but you must turn to them for guidance, advice and even comfort when you feel you need it. Which brings us to the next tip.

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2. Seeks to learn from adults

Your parents, grandparents, and even neighbors and teachers can be a source of inspiration that points you to an alternative path to achieving your goals and dreams. Therefore, do not discard their stories and anecdotes full of challenges, sadness, successes and failures to learn from them. No, they are not obsolete. Their life experience is gold to you, if you have the humility to listen to them. It is possible that thanks to these teachings you will not make the same mistakes that they did. Thus, achieving your goals, whatever they may be, will not be like going through a tunnel without a flashlight to illuminate your path.

3. Don’t stop at the first failure or rejection

This is, in my opinion, the most common of the mistakes that people make throughout their lives. You think that because of failure or because things do not happen as fast as you would like in an X project, everything is over or it will not be what you expected and that is a serious mistake.

Sometimes that “break” all that means is that you should reflect on some possible mistakes you are making, or that you correct the path and move on with more force and momentum. Don’t make the mistake of stopping persevering in your dream, sometimes all you have to do is hold on for a bit, listen silently and get ready to move on.

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4. The meaning of success or triumph is determined by you

Don’t think that because someone dropped out of school at 16, invented something and now owns one of the most successful companies in the world, the same will happen to you. You should always keep in mind that you only know half the story and do not know what is behind that success that you consider spontaneous. What works for one does not work for all. This does not mean that you do not aspire to the professional triumph of which you dream. Fight for him! But never put aside the other important things in life. It is a fact that family, friends, values, are those “little details” that will sustain you and remain when all the money and youth are gone, or when the world turns its back on you. Now go! Fight for your happiness!

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