Young Mother Is Discriminated By Sitting In Old First Class

A video shows us that the class division still exists in the middle of 2018.

A few days ago, a video began to circulate on the internet that shows a strong argument between a young mother and an elderly woman on board a train in the United Kingdom. It all starts because the young woman decides to sit in a PREFERENTIAL seat and takes the lady’s handbag to put it in the luggage rack.

But the lady is upset to unsuspected limits, as she begins to confront him that she should not be in that place because she does not belong to the FIRST CLASS. Absolutely unaware that the rules of class division ceased to exist for some time.

The dialogue of the conversation is as follows:

Grandma: You can’t sit here, this is first class and you didn’t pay a ticket to be here. You have to learn to respect your elders who are better than you.

Mother: It is a preferential seat, of course I can use it. It says here that anyone who needs it can use it.

(People started joining the claims)

Grandma: I don’t want a crying baby here.

Mother: He’s not crying, he’s even better than you.

Grandma: I have a cold, I’m going to give it to him (coughing next to the baby)

Mother: You’re putting the entire train car at risk, not just my baby.

At that precise moment, a kind gentleman stood up and offered his own seat to the young mother who by now was really tired by the situation.

The video has gone around the world, it is hard to believe that in the middle of 2018 people continue to believe themselves superior to others for having a little more money. Sadly the class division has continued and discrimination against a mother and her young son became latent once again.

Logically we hate the situation that this young woman had to live, we know that NOBODY has the right to discriminate against another for their social position and for NO argument.

For this reason, we want to remind you that according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we ALL have the following rights:

  1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and, endowed as they are with reason and conscience, must behave fraternally with one another.

  2. Everyone has all the rights and freedoms proclaimed in this Declaration, without any distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion or of any other nature, national or social origin, economic position, birth or any other condition. In addition, no distinction will be made based on the political, legal or international condition of the country or territory on whose jurisdiction a person depends, whether it is an independent country, or a territory under fiduciary administration, not autonomous or subject to any another limitation of sovereignty.

  3. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

These are only 3 of the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights, but they clearly show that despite living in a civilization that boasts of the daily advances of humanity, it still cannot manage to respect the other, for the simple fact of being human.

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