Young Children And Pornography: Yes, In The Same Sentence

Exposure to pornography can start at a staggeringly young age. Here I name the places where we can find it to avoid it.

I don’t blame you if the title of this article has made you cringe. The best that could happen is that the matter never needs to be discussed. Talking with a young child about the beauty of healthy sexual intimacy and the damage caused by pornography is today an urgent need generated by the degree of penetration of the content disseminated in the media.

Are exposed

And I am not talking about ‘grooming’ (gaining the trust of a minor and then sexually abusing him), about which this article by Daniela L√≥pez deals very adequately, but about the exposure of children to pornographic material.

It is quite possible that children, even when they are very young, are exposed to some type of pornographic content. The following are just a few of the ways that a little one may come into incidental contact with pornography:


Despite the fact that the laws of almost all Latin American countries and the United States restrict the transmission of programs, commercial advertisements or segments that show scenes of more or less explicit sexual content, the reality is that many advertisers and channels broadcast with a frequency increasing scenes of physical intimacy and / or partial nudity in a frankly erotic attitude. For almost a decade, soap operas, even some that are broadcast during family hours, have shown scenes of sexual intimacy explicit enough to consider that a young child has been exposed to pornographic or sexualized material.

Printed media

I do not know if the same thing happens in other countries of Hispanic America, but in Mexico standing in front of any magazine and newspaper outlet inevitably means seeing a cocktail of photographs of mutilated bodies and people killed by accidents and attacks next to the bodies of women almost totally naked. , all in a single cover. But that formula is repeated in at least ten weekly publications and four newspapers with national circulation, displayed alongside coloring books and children’s albums.


Recently a friend told me that one afternoon she was watching her 7-year-old son play on an online show, which she had carefully monitored. Suddenly, without knowing how or why, one of the so-called pop-up windows opened, with a huge completely explicit photograph, advertising a site of pornographic material on video. The little boy yelled “Ay!” and, almost by reflex, he covered his eyes with his hands and sought his mother’s embrace.

What’s at home

This is, in my opinion, the saddest way for a young child to be exposed to pornography. A great friend of mine who is dedicated to psychotherapy, has shared with me the pain that invades her every time she hears that a child, “nosing” with curiosity among the objects of her parents or older siblings, found magazines or pornographic photographs or videos. There is a much more cruel variant than the accidental discovery: I have heard of older brothers who, in complicity with their friends of the same age, find it fun to sit the little ones in front of the computer or the ‘smartphone’ (smartphone) to force them to see pornographic material. My psychotherapist friend tells me that the accounts of these events come from both children and adults who had this experience in their childhood.

There is no capsule

When Jochebed put his baby in a tarred basket and put him in the riverbed of the Nile, his immediate intention was to save him from the extermination order that Pharaoh had decreed. What happened next was very strange: Pharaoh’s daughter picked up the baby and sent for a nurse for him. Ultimately, baby Moses returned to his biological mother to be nurtured until he was no longer breastfed. Then the boy, already considered part of the Pharaoh’s house, received the rest of his training and grew up to become the great prophet and maximum champion of the Hebrew people.

To further illustrate what I want to share with you, I will now review the origin story of Superman. The parents of baby Kal-El, faced with the imminent destruction of Krypton, the planet that was his home, put the little boy in a capsule that traveled to earth. The capsule was found by Martha and Johathan Kent, a family of solid moral and ethical principles, who shaped their character so that, together with the superpowers, they made little Clark a defender of the truth and protector of the innocent.

I have said it before: children are the most vulnerable sector of any society.

My Ethics teacher used to say: “I don’t know if you can see it.” And I say: I think it is very clear that problems like the exposure of young children to pornography is no longer about asking ourselves if it will happen or not. Unfortunately, everyone is almost certainly exposed even before they hit puberty. The question is, “Will it happen before or after they have been prepared for it?” In the story of Moses and of the origin of Superman it is very clear that in the face of the evil of the world, and even in the face of the chaos of impending destruction, be it of the planet Krypton or of society, there is no substitute for the consecrated work of orientation and family love.

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