You Only Need 3 Minutes And These Tips For The Best Job Interview Of Your Life

Facing a job interview is not something easy, it requires courage and nerves of steel. But with these tips, you will be much closer to success.

Facing a job interview is not easy, it requires courage and nerves of steel. Seriously, I tell you that – without exaggeration – I have done hundreds of them. Some more difficult than others, but there is one that takes the palms of gold. A story that one day I will tell you.

The thing is, I believe that facing a job interview is an event in which human beings truly cross a very particular threshold. In it, as in the initiation rites of some aboriginal tribes, one stops being a child, and comes face to face with the wall that is called the real world.

But don’t be scared. They well say that there is a solution for everything, except for death. So a job interview you should look for the positive side and make it work for you and not against you.

There are elements that of course cannot be changed and that will always be there, such as the first impression and clothing. Unless you are Will Smith and you shoot a movie in which you seek happiness, the probability that you will make a good impression by showing up in a T-shirt, without a shower and with your face full of paint is at least one in a million.

So, Mira Zaslove, from the multinational company Cisco, spoke about some recommendations to make your job interview a success. Here I share them.

1. Learn to sell yourself

The first thing the executive tells us is that you must show the desire and ability to develop the job. That of desire has yet to go far beyond necessity. Let’s be honest: more than 90% of people work because they need to (not because it is a hobby), so you have to tackle in the best way the spectacular question they ask you: “Why do you want to work here?”

Of course, the simple thing would be to say, ‘You know? It turns out that I don’t want to starve today. But no, you have to think about showing that you really want to be in that position, that it is your goal and that is why you prepared yourself until you got the long-awaited opportunity to chat with that representative who, for a few minutes, has your life in his hands. Sell ​​him the idea that, as if you were life partners, you and the position are meant to spend a lot of time together.

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2. Understand the culture of the company

Of course, this means getting into it as soon as possible. This is achieved, hand in hand with the first point, but also with a research exercise. These days you can find almost any information on the Internet and knowing exactly what the company you are interviewing is doing is vitally important.

You can try to improvise completely, but the result will not be very pleasant. Never go to a company that works, for example, with the medical issue but that you have no idea what an aspirin is for. It sure won’t speak well of you. But suppose, you don’t have much experience. Believe it or not, that’s fine! For that, work is also sought.

In this case and despite the fact that (foolishly, I consider), many jobs ask for youth and years of experience, the text suggests that you talk about your school projects or even personal ones, relating them to what the position requires: your CV should be in that sense as the trickle of the Cri-Cri song: he must know how to become big, or to become small, as appropriate. So if you are looking for a photographer, but you are just starting out, you can say that you were the official family photographer and bring images that you have captured.

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A little time and a lot of attitude can change your life, so go ahead and get that job!

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