You Can Love Each Other Very Much, But There Are 8 Things Your Love Cannot Give You

You can love each other very much, but your love cannot give a strong foundation to your existence; that only you can do.

If there is a wonderful feeling in life, it is finding love. Together with that special person you feel that you can achieve anything. But beyond love, there are many things that a relationship cannot do for you, no matter how much you want it to.

He or she can complement you, make you laugh, be your support and comfort in difficult times, be a great external company, but ultimately there are things that only you can do for yourself, and no one else will do it no matter how much you want to.

Those things are:

1 Achieve full happiness

Happiness is not a continuous state of the human being, nor can it be entirely attributed to the finding of love.

One person can be happy one moment and the other not, and that does not have to be something negative for the person, it is just something that happens and that’s it. For this reason, you cannot expect to be happy forever next to someone because difficult times in life are often necessary to appreciate the things we have and the people around us.

The misfortunes of life help us to appreciate those happy states that we all have from time to time, but a partner is not going to give you full happiness.

2 Have confidence in yourself

You can have the greatest love in your life and still doubt yourself. In general, when we fear that the other person we love will change us for another, we tend to have insecurities about ourselves.

Only you can procure security in yourself, and this you will achieve with hard work, increasing your self-esteem and recognizing your weaknesses, accepting them and making your defects are replaced by their positive antonym. Only then can you gain security, but no one will do it for you, no matter how good a person you are or who loves you a lot.

3 Understanding pain

Practically from birth we experience pain, whether physical or emotional. So believing that having someone who loves you will free you from suffering is a serious mistake that many people make.

He painIt should be felt, understood and overcome, but you will only achieve that by your own effort and not because someone fills your emotional voids and helps you overcome your traumas. Your partner can comfort you, but only you can help you heal.

4 Certainty of things

Many novels and movies sell us the idea that love is a constant: “We will be happy forever,” but the reality is that this does not happen to many couples. In love there is nothing guaranteed no matter how much the most absurd things are promised.

Look at your love as a loan that gives you life and that you can enjoy forever or just for a brief moment; But the more you are aware that you should take care of it, enjoy it and learn from it, the more you will know how to take advantage of the moment you have it. Remember: there are no certainties in relationships.

5 Full satisfaction

Sometimes with your partner you feel satisfied; however, that feeling is not constant. In a Relationship, there are going to be moments of dissatisfaction, even more so when you have high expectations of your partner.

It is not the obligation of any person to meet the expectations that hang over him. Therefore, your partner will not provide you full satisfaction.

In a Relationship you are going to have good and bad moments, and that is not bad since nobody is perfect and the foundations of a real love are established under the knowledge that we are not perfect. What you can do is accept that situation and be frank with your partner about your dreams and expectations, that way they will understand each other better, but they will not expect from the other things that they do not know they want.

6 Find the meaning of your life

It is one thing that the arrival of that love has given nuances to your existence, but if something is true it is that love is not the only thing that gives meaning to the life of a human being.

We all have multiple goals to achieve, and e inding loveit’s just one of them. It is for that reason that parallel to the arrival of love in your life, there are other fields of it that you should not neglect.

You must strive to take your professional career forward, to take care of your health, meet people, create, travel or many other things that can fill a person’s life with fullness, and that should not be neglected before the arrival of love. Instead, you must strive to achieve a fair balance in all those areas of your life that interest you and then you will find meaning in your existence.

7 Understand what stability is

Life is not stable. If you think that having someone in your life is going to give you stability, you should review that idea. Relationships are not always stable even if there is a lot of love involved.

If a relationship is going to teach you something, it is that just as one day things are fine, another can happen something unforeseen and alter the calm in which you live.

People change, life changes and we ourselves change daily to adapt to the needs of life. So the changes are not bad; therefore, each of them is welcome.

You should not pretend to live an immovable and static life, especially if you have a relationship. You must learn that even love goes through stages and that is not bad because over time it either tends to strengthen, or to end and give way to pain; but everything is part of life.

8 Understanding loneliness

Having a partner is no guarantee that you will not feel lonely at some point. It happens to many people that even being with someone, when that person is not by their side they feel unhappy.

The lonelinessit is an internal state. It happens when you don’t feel good about yourself; In other words, you don’t have those internal conversations that help you understand yourself and know yourself better.

When a person does self-analysis, he reaches such an understanding of himself that even after several months without a partner, he feels good. In this way, a partner is not someone to take refuge in so as not to face himself, but someone who makes you happy even if he is not close to you.

Your partner can give you many things, but all that is offered will only be rewarded and strengthened by your knowledge and personal and intimate growth of your own being. Make an effort to understand the above aspects of the life of every human being, and you will be able to fully enjoy the love of a couple.

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