You Are Pregnant With A Baby Without A Brain; But The Decision That This Mother Made Will Impact Many Other Lives

You will only spend 24 hours with them and you will leave this world giving life on your way, thanks to the most difficult decision a mother can make.

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Posted by Keri Young on  Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Eva is called the baby who will be born in May of this year. But her prognosis for life is only 24 hours. The diagnosis is anencephaly, a congenital brain malformation characterized by the partial or total absence of the brain, skull, and scalp. As reported on the CNN site in Spanish, when Keri and Royce Young found out that their baby had this malformation, they decided to continue with the pregnancy of their second daughter without hesitation. And the motive is as magnanimous as it is charitable: they will donate all their organs to save other lives.

The bravery of a mother

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Posted by Keri Young on  Friday, January 13, 2017

This brave mother told on her Facebook profile the whole process since they heard the terrible news until now, a few weeks after receiving her baby. Keri, who is a journalist, used social networks to raise awareness: “Eva will have a life, even if it is short. She will donate all she can and will do much more in her time on earth than what I did.

The admiration of her husband

This baby will only live 24 hours, but it will save the life of …

This baby will only live 24 hours, but it will save 50 people’s lives.

Posted by La 100 FM on Sunday, April 2, 2017

Her husband, who is also a reporter for ESPN, also used his Facebook account to share his story and his vision of a father and husband in love with his wife: «Literally 30 seconds after the doctor told us that our baby had no Brain, crying with all her might, Keri raised her head and asked, “If I complete the pregnancy, can we donate her other organs? She’s strong, she’s brave, she’s amazing. I didn’t need to be in such an ugly situation to realize that, but what it did was make me want to tell the world. “

The duel of their lives

This couple will then have to face a duel in their lives, but they also face the joy of knowing that the heart and all the organs of their daughter will give life to many other people. When the malformation was discovered, the baby was only 19 weeks old. However, this couple decided to go through the entire pregnancy thinking about a baby that they will never be able to raise, only with the selfless purpose of giving life through their daughter.

The pain that will save lives

Without a doubt, this story is sending a great message to the world. With their story they teach us about altruistic love, of that selfless love, of “playing” for the other, of going further and seeing ourselves reflected in others. They made the decision to transform that sadness into something positive. How many such people do you know? The reflection is that the action is the difference. The lesson that the story of Eva and her brave parents leaves us is that we must always choose to do something good with the adversities that life puts before us.

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