Woman Asks To Be Buried With A Fork In Her Hand When It Is Her Turn To Leave This World; The Reason Is Something That Everyone Should Imitate

A strange request for the time to be buried, leaves a lesson and reflection to millions of people. Know the history.

We all know that one day we are going to die, some people “could tell” are fortunate to know an approximate time of day that they will leave, as it is a way to start planning and fixing things in the present to provide security and tranquility to the children. loved ones that we will leave.

As is the case published by Newsner and aciprensa, where a woman was able to plan her death, even requesting that she be buried with a fork, her bible and even choosing the clothes she will wear for when the day comes.

A news taken with resignation

The woman had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and the doctors gave her only three months to live. Receiving the news, of course, was a devastating moment, despite feeling a great pain in her heart, she began to put her earrings in order to await his death.

Contact your head priest to discuss your wishes and departure. The woman selected some songs that she wished to be sung at her present body mass, she chose the Bible readings and the clothes she should wear.

An unusual request

The priest took note of all the requests, when he was about to leave, the woman remembered something important “I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand”, a strange request, with a lot of sentimental and emotional value.

What is the purpose of your request?

In all the years that she has attended social events and engagement dinners, she remembers that when the dishes were removed from the main course, someone would say “keep the fork.” Listening to it, she knew something better was to come like: chocolate cake or apple fudge. Something wonderful!

A wish to reflect

The woman wishes that the priest would explain to the people who would accompany her to her funeral, “what the fork meant” that the best is yet to come. ” The priest was moved to hear her explanation, however, he is calm knowing that the woman has a better concept of Heaven and death.

Is it possible to prepare to die?

The psychologist and psychotherapist Viviana Bilezker, works in the accompaniment and assistance with people in terminal stage, ensures that death does not have to be a tragedy, it is possible to prepare for it. What are the reasons?

1. Need to talk

People who know the approximate time of their departure, have the advantage of being aware that they cannot leave without having done or said certain things, of being up to date on personal, material and emotional issues.

Attention is paid to encounters, one learns to listen, to make sense of words and displays of affection. They express themselves freely without fear of being judged or criticized. Sometimes people keep painful secrets from their past, when speaking the truth and expressing themselves the burden is lightened.

2. Reconciliation

When people are about to leave, they are often spiritually reconciled; the religious cling to the faith and their beliefs. It is time to be calm and with the hope of meeting a God, which they have once cried out. If guilt is kept, divine and unknown punishments are feared, so it is important to prepare to leave this world as well as possible.

3. Plan death

Detailing and planning death is something that we must all do, choose the place, how, with whom, in what way, among other things. Leave financial matters such as inheritances, wills and so on.

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It is important never to wait to be diagnosed with a few months or years to live, to get things done or achieve dreams. Working in the present, thanking each day is a way to be happy and not have guilt when the time to leave comes.

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