With Your Actions, Teach Your Children To Love The One Who Is Going Astray

When Jesus walked this earth he did not leave a single person out of reach of his compassion and mercy. He dignified the sinner, the outcast, the ignored, and the needy. Teach your h

It thrills me that grace still provokes outbursts of love. Regarding that, a few days ago I received an email with a beautiful message about the experience of feeling God’s love in our lives.

Let me transcribe part of that email: “In the book Kisses from Katie ( Kisses from Katie ), Katie Davis recounts the joy of moving to Uganda and adopt several girls in that country. One day, one of her daughters asked her, “Mom, if I let Jesus into my heart, am I going to explode?” At first, Katie said no. That Jesus enters our hearts is a spiritual event ยป.

In this context, I have read numerous messages and I know that you are worried because you do not know well how to instill in your children the love of others. Perhaps this idea will allow you to achieve it:

Show that your heart explodes with love and gratitude

Your children need more than words, they need to see real and concrete facts.

If I have learned anything in this life, it is that God’s love is shown above all when you reach out your hands to the prodigal son. Unfortunately, we have developed a culture of loving the perfect neighbor. Do not be angry, but the churches are full of people who claim to love their neighbor, but as soon as a sloppy-looking young man with alcoholic breath approaches the car, they close the window and ask God to free them from that bitter drink.

Consistent love in a world of Christian contradictions

We have all been rescued from some well

The point is that we have forgotten. It does not matter if your well was drugs, depression, a divorce for infidelity, abuse, loneliness … God saw us in there and extended, through his beloved Son, his hand of mercy and grace to give us dignity. Show your children that you explode with love and gratitude for the love of God by reaching out to those who are not achievers in this system that excludes and leaves out anyone who does not fit into its “conqueror program.” That is the logic of the Pharisees, as valid as in the time of Jesus: to leave out those who do not wear a white shirt and tie, or do not carry a bag full of Bibles under their arm.

Religiosity nailed the Son of God to the cross. Stop being the prosecutor on duty and do not judge the other according to your standards, because who knows what led him to that place and to that situation.

I, forgive? How to deal with unforgiveness

Let them regain their dignity just as Christ would

Ask yourself this question: How many sinful friends do I have? If you don’t have them, start having them today. Bake cookies and go to that corner where addicts hang out. She makes hot soup in winter and walks over to that old lady who is alone pushing her carnival cart, with her only furry four-legged friend. Extend your motherly love and go to that young woman who stands on the corner to sell her life and give her time to tell you her pain. Your children will see God in their faces.

Outside there are men, women and children who have lost their dignity

They carry the pain of a father who abandoned them on the street, they carry on their back a company that went bankrupt, a wife who fled with another younger and sexier; some could not be the child their parents dreamed of and others have not left a single day feeling nothing.

When Jesus walked this earth he did not leave a single person out of reach of his compassion and mercy. He dignified the sinner, the outcast, the ignored, and the needy. The prostitute, the tax collector, the thief and the street children filled his schedule.

Don’t forget that you have been redeemed. Teach your children, through small gestures, that your heart explodes because your dignity has been restored to you too. Teach them to discover the nail marks on the smiling faces of the people who receive your bursts of love.

That is exploding grace. A grace that causes outbursts of love.

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