Winter At Home: Fun Activities To Encourage Creativity And Family Bonding

Winter is about to arrive and often brings an unwelcome guest, boredom. So if you don’t want to receive it at home, read this article. Winter at home: fun activities to encourage creativity and unity

The arrival of winter is perhaps one of the hardest times of the year for children. Afternoons arrive with rain, snow (in some places) and, therefore, confinement. The days tend to be shorter and the little ones become easy prey for the dreaded boredom. For this reason I suggest some activities to develop at home, in the shelter and with the family, in order to make winter an occasion of rapprochement and coexistence for everyone:

Table games

Depending on the age of your children, you can look for some options so that they can create fun games themselves. Or, if you want everyone to be able to participate, choose to go to a store to buy classic games such as: cards, dominoes, riddles, puzzles and memoramas.


Warm up each of the children and go out and make some snowmen or, if it is your favorite, angel figures; Just lie down and start moving your hands and feet to get a “life-size” angel. I assure you that they will enjoy long hours playing, creating and sharing.


Stock your house with paints, pencils, papers of different textures, plasticine (plasticine) and how many things your little ones like; With this you will be able to encourage and develop their creativity and incidentally you will be surprised at how ingenious they can be.


It is never too late to join the new “green” trend that has begun to come to the fore in many countries with groups or web pages that teach how to give a new use or life to the objects that we usually throw away every day. And teaching young children in this regard can not only result in whole afternoons of fun, but it is a way to begin to instill the value of things: to have a cleaner planet and, if that were not enough, you bring them tools to develop artistic talents.

Family cinema

Inviting the children to your bed can be a great adventure if you add to that some creative signs pasted all over the house, in which it is said that they will make a movie night, and that the value of the ticket is to bring your own pillow : it will be quite an experience for them. Find some movies that everyone can see, make some popcorn and enjoy!

Story afternoons

Encouraging the habit of reading is essential for children to grow up willing to learn from the world around them. So if what you want is to generate good memories, affective and training, buy or create stories that explain what winter is about, what phenomena accompany it, how the rain helps to prepare for the arrival of spring, which vegetables and fruits grow at that time and everything they are interested in knowing.

Of course, my suggestion is that you don’t allow your kids to be constantly in front of a screen, or merely entertained by technological gadgets. Do not allow winter to overshadow the family union, because just because they cannot go out as much as they used to on the street does not mean that boredom should be the stone guest of every home. Teach your children that it is better to look at the glass half full instead of half empty and begin to appreciate the cold winter, which gives us the opportunity to enjoy family life in a different way.

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