Why You Should Never Stop Dating

Sometimes it is difficult to keep your dates as a couple when you have children at home. However, it is essential that you maintain and plan them in advance. Think that in the end, the best gift you can give your children is a marriage

We can remember those times that now seem a little distant, where it was very easy to decide where to go, eat, watch a movie, and spend a delicious time together; Those dates were wonderful and brought us together as a couple. After that, we felt ready to tackle anything that came our way. But after the first baby things change: it is not so easy to get out anymore. First, because it requires planning and second, sometimes sheer exhaustion prevents us from planning and we prefer to do nothing. It is difficult to maintain the routine of dating, but it is absolutely essential for your relationship to continue to grow and not lose the connection that long ago united you.

Many couples get carried away only to wonder why they are not excited to see each other, to spend time together, and to be romantic with each other. It is a mistake to think that the relationship will remain the same when nothing is done to cultivate it; in other words, you cannot expect to bear fruit if you have not sown anything. Dating is an essential part of nurturing the relationship, as it helps us to be alone – it sounds strange, but many parents don’t realize that when children are present, our attention is on them and not on our partner – and enjoy a good conversation without interruptions. It is important to clarify that wanting to be alone does not mean that you do not love your children, but quite the opposite, the best we can offer our children is a good, happy and stable marriage. Below I present recommendations so that these appointments help you to continue nurturing your relationship and are not so complicated to carry out.

1. Plan ahead

Sometimes the difficulty of dating is to find someone you trust who can take care of your little ones; This can be achieved if you invite the young women you consider suitable to do the job and train them all at the same time, that way you know well what they know. Planning also requires thinking about the activity you are going to do, this goes hand in hand with your budget and the energy you have that day; Research inexpensive or even free places that can provide good times.

2. Look for activities where the conversation exists

Many couples choose to go to the movies as their activity. There is nothing wrong with this in itself, but I recommend it not be done so frequently, as watching a movie does not promote interaction between the two of you. It is important to choose activities that help you have a good conversation, where you can laugh, and have face-to-face interactions; They promote much more connection than keeping quiet for about two hours.

3. Plan exclusively romantic dates

It is important to keep the romantic aspect in any relationship; If you remember the time when you went out as boyfriends you will realize that they took their time to get ready and see themselves in the best possible way. I recommend that at least once a month you plan a date where you dress up in a more careful way and go to a romantic restaurant, or plan activities that promote the sentimental and thoughtful aspect of your relationship (walks under the moon, a picnic with candles etc.)

4. Think that resolving conflicts is not done on dates.

An important detail to remember is that if there is a problem that has not yet been solved or there is an issue that brings tension, your appointment is not the time to fix it. If we start discussing our problems when we go out, we will soon have no desire to do so: dating should bring us together. So, make a pact that all these issues will be resolved another time. But your date is your moment of reconnection and a sacred time.

As I said before, a healthy and happy relationship is the best gift you can give your children; Make your relationship a priority and don’t stop doing the things that help strengthen it. Dating your partner is essential so plan ahead, and take your time to enjoy each other. Remember that your relationship needs you to nurture it frequently, and what better way to do that than to take a few hours to remind yourself of the many reasons why you are together and love each other.


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