Why Is It Important That My Children Attend School Every Day?

What are the advantages of our children attending school regularly? This article explains the benefits of motivating your children to be active in school and get good grades.

Think, for a moment, of a young man in school who is having difficulty focusing his attention on what the teacher is teaching, achieving acceptable grades, and taking advantage of learning opportunities in different areas. Now, if that young man was your son, and much of this situation was due to lack of school attendance, what would you do?

Here are some of the most important reasons for getting our children to attend school every day:

Good attendance is directly related to good grades

When we send our children to school making sure they are prepared, with their homework ready, and that they arrive on time, we greatly benefit them, because they will be ready to start working as soon as they arrive in the classroom. At the same time, teachers appreciate having students who are willing to learn and interact in class.

The importance of understanding what children lose when they miss school

In order to fully understand the importance of our children attending school, it is valuable to understand what they lose when they are absent from school. Among some of the many activities they do not have access to are: class notes, summaries, classroom discussions, teamwork, homework explanations, guest visits, tests and exams. For example, some teachers administer knowledge tests without warning to assess what students are learning. These grades are vital to improving our children’s academic achievement.

Our responsibility in emergencies

Perhaps one of the questions that arises at this point is, what should we do, as parents, when an emergency arises and our child has to miss school? First, we must determine if it is a valid emergency. For example, the case of a surgery, an accident, an unforeseen family case or the death of a loved one, among others. If so, we can encourage in our family the responsibility of calling the school to notify the reason for the absence and then (later in the same day or during the week) request an appointment with the teacher or professor to ask about the homework that our son must complete at home.

Prevention when there are absences known in advance

In the event that we know in advance that there will be a family trip or a medical appointment, we can teach our children to be responsible by asking them to speak with their teachers ahead of time and assigning extra homework to complete. In case there is an exam on the day of the absence, our children can request that the test be administered the day before or set a date immediately after the absence.

Despite the fact that not all academic performance depends on school attendance alone, nor that good attendance guarantees good grades by itself, it is a reality that the child who does not have regular school attendance is more likely to obtain mediocre grades. We, as parents, can help our children be good learners by starting with the top priority of making sure they are where they need to be: in the classroom.

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