Why Experts Highlight The Importance Of Writing A Letter To Your Baby Before He Is Born

The secrets of how to write it and the reasons why you will NOT be able to refuse to do it.

Writing a letter is a sincere act, in which you shed your thoughts and pour them onto paper. When that letter refers to your unborn baby, it will be one of the most beautiful gestures of love that he will remember and appreciate for his whole life.

When I was expecting my first daughter, I used to blog about my day-to-day emotions. But also, it was a way of connecting with my baby, since my words were often directed to her. Writing a letter to your baby before it is born, lets out our emotions and allows us to channel all those feelings that begin to flow from the first moment we know about our pregnancy. But also, it’s a nice way to start telling her how much we love her.

Experts say that the connection between a mother and her child begins very early. Therefore, the bond that you can establish with your baby, from the belly, is extremely important for her development.

Emotions affect the baby

Your baby can feel your emotions, experts say. Much is said about how much a mother’s feelings influence the cognitive development of the unborn baby and how important it is to release negative emotions so that they do not affect our child.

A pregnancy is a challenging change in a woman’s life, where emotions are running high. And it is at this moment when a strong feeling is born from your gut and fills you with love, with that love that you need to provide. So, you caress your tummy, sing lullabies to her, talk to her and call her by name. Your baby is capable of feeling your joys, but also your fears and anguish. That is why a letter to your baby can help you channel all that joy that you are about to explode, as well as all your doubts and insecurities, so normal when we are expecting a baby.

Write him a letter

Writing lets us release emotions, allows us to visualize what happens to us, and releases tensions. Experts recommend writing as a form of therapy. Have you seen that when you have a lot to do, you organize everything in a list? It is because you are accommodating your ideas, and seeing it written gives you more capacity for order and action.

You can write him a letter to give to him sometime when he grows up, but you can also write it as a way to release your feelings. Perhaps, you do not choose exactly that letter to give him, but in the meantime it will help you to collect your thoughts.

These are the reasons why you should write a letter to your baby

  • Tell him how much you expect
  • Naturalize your insecurities as a mom
  • Tell him about your feelings during pregnancy
  • Leave you a fond memory of your days in the womb
  • Detail preparations for your arrival
  • Tell him something you want him to know only when he is an adult

How to do it?

If you want to leave a beautiful memory for your child, take a pencil and a paper and start. You can tell him how much they expected him with his father and how happy you have been since you learned of his soon arrival. State in the letter what it means to you to become a mother and what you promise her. Do not stop telling him that you will always be there for him, as this letter will have a memorable value for your son, and will be a lucky charm for many moments in his life.

If you need to write to release your emotions such as fear, frustration, sadness or melancholy, start writing a letter addressed to your child with that purpose. Even if you are not going to give it to her in the future, it will help you considerably to feel better about yourself and to try to understand and order your emotions. You can read it whenever you need to, or you can destroy it once those emotions are gone.

Psychologists explain that writing helps us to regulate emotions in the brain, since our problems and feelings in front of an event can make us see things from a different point of view and, in many cases, can help us release emotional anguish, such as those that we usually go through during pregnancy. And this, for motherhood is highly positive.

So, take a pencil and paper and write your feelings. Your baby and your conscience will thank you. Keep that beautiful letter in a place where you remember, to be able to give it on the day of your son or daughter’s wedding, or on some other important date. It will be a very great seal of love that your child will cherish forever and with which you will feel immensely happy. Write!

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