Why Don’t Today’s Kids Want To Study High School?

At all times there have been frictions with adolescents. Find out what is the biggest challenge for adults today, why more and more young people refuse to attend traditional classes.

Today, more and more parents are complaining that their teenage children have the idea of ​​dropping out of school. This causes constant alarm and friction within the home. What will today’s kids see that their parents don’t see? The answer may not be what parents expect. However, what is taking place in many countries of the world is striking.

The reality is that everything is in motion. The human being is not the same as before: his intellect, emotions and physiological and physical functionality are different. Every living being has the ability to adapt to the environment where it lives, and this emphasizes all bio-psycho-social and spiritual aspects.

The reason why more and more children ask to leave school is because they have realized the incongruity that exists between the educational system of their country and success in life, the most important thing is not in school, they do not teach it there. What they really ask is to do something productive, that has a very deep and positive meaning in its results and because following patterns set by society may not go with their desires.

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Entrepreneurship, leadership and proactivity

The traditional system has been called “old school”, and these days what we live is called “new school” where we talk about entrepreneurship, leadership and proactivity, characteristics that are required for the information age that contribute to the flame of the industrial age is being extinguished more and more. We are standing in the middle of a crisis that means, “change .

People who develop a positive mental attitude take advantage of it to get ahead knowing that it carries challenges and great lessons. For their part, those who stay in the past and stuck in a negative mental attitude will see chaos and disorder. Those who are no longer interested in continuing with the traditional school face new and colossal challenges:

  • Confront your family and a society amalgamated in traditional ideas even though they are no longer functional

  • Develop distinctions in your ways of thinking, acting and feeling to raise your awareness and have different results.

  • Be self-taught and seek continuous training based on models of desired results

  • Invest time, money and effort in your personal workouts

  • Raise your emotional intelligence

  • Develop the ability to interact with a greater number of people as an active member, generator of collaborative and functional teams

  • Raise your financial intelligence

  • Raise your spirit

  • Learn to handle technology with dexterity to take advantage of it in business

  • Find a way to have multiple sources of income

  • Partner with successful people

  • Listen to audios of achievers

  • Develop excellent communication and listening

  • Have an open mind and be willing to let go of fears, cross barriers, tear down obstacles

Instead of alerting ourselves, as parents, we must open our arms and welcome new opportunities, choose those that are according to our abilities and be willing to develop those that are not available in addition to supporting our children to grow. One of the challenges we face today is that the more technology develops, the greater our abilities to communicate with people and the greater our ability to raise our emotional intelligence.

A couple of months ago, a man, about 60 years old, told me that he started “from the bottom” and little by little over the years he got opportunities until he achieved financial success. He feared that his young children do not want to follow in his footsteps because they want everything faster. My answer was that technology and the “new school” allow us to learn while developing the desired results, it is different than in the past because mechanics was to learn for many years and then “do” with a lot of effort, to have results in a long time. term.

I understand that all this, and the incredible instability of the world today, causes anxiety to many people. However fearful or not, it is happening and you have to open yourself to the possibilities. The personal, financial and emotional success that we can generate today is much faster and greater in quantity than in ancient times, if you know how to take advantage of opportunities and develop potential in all areas. This does not mean that effort and perseverance is not required. In fact, great care is required because just as there are advantages, there are also many distractors.

Although times change, the tools are better and they facilitate the ways, there will be things that will last for a lifetime and these are called “universal laws.” So the habits and ways of being to achieve success in what we want, demand large amounts of commitment and responsibility. In that sense, I invite you to read: 5 things much better than technology in the education of your children

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