Why Do Some Women Seek Relationships With Married Men?

Are you interested in having relationships with married men? or do you like to have an extra marital relationship? discover the reasons and consequences that these types of relationships bring with them.

There are women who like to date married men, that is not a mystery. Of course, that is offensive to those who are victims of deception. All in all, the question is worth asking: Why is a woman attracted to having relationships with a married man? There are many reasons but, for most, starting a relationship with a committed man is something that feeds their ego. Some others seek the adrenaline rush that a risky love affair brings. Almost all of them depend on the psychological needs of these women and here I will cover some of the most relevant aspects that promote this type of relationship.

Self esteem

For some women, achieving the attention of a married man is similar to achieving an achievement. The event also fuels her low self-esteem and low self-confidence, making her feel relatively good for having “stolen” someone else’s affection. The above is nothing more than a corroboration that a woman who is looking for a relationship of this type has serious internal conflicts of insecurity and fear, for that reason they look for a way to achieve it. They secretly feel that they do not deserve a relationship of true love and respect.


It also has to do with a certain sense of power, having someone who is committed to a woman and children in one way or another makes her feel that they are in control of the situation and it depends on her to say when, how and where they will happen. things with their conquest.

Relationships with little commitment

One more reason is that the person does not seek more than to live in the moment and take what he can get during the time that he maintains the relationship. She is attracted to the fact that the man in question will not ask her for more than she wishes to give. Usually these are single girls who are finishing their careers and are not ready for a formal relationship or having children, and it is possible that a married man will not seek them either and in that sense there will be no pressing demands.

Emotional maturity

A married man knows what he wants and has grown during his marriage, so a woman who is willing to have a relationship with him knows that she will not have to endure problems due to impulses or whims that come from nowhere. Of course, your wife has already had to endure this stage of his husband’s life. Having a relationship with a married man gives you something like “a ready-made product.”

Financial security

A mature, married man has many of his financial needs covered, either for his own business or secure employment, and he is willing to fulfill his whims in exchange for his company and “affection.” Of course, if you can support a home, wife and children, you can give him what he wants.


From the above, it is clear that not all men who seek an extra marital romance are going to break their marriages because they are with their lover. That happens very rarely. However, let me give you a recommendation for you, man who likes to have that type of relationship. It may be that your wife to date has not found out about your deceptions, but you can be sure that this will happen at some point. It is a law in life: there is no act, good or bad, that remains eternally hidden and believe me: when it comes to light, you will regret the loss of the trust of your children, your wife and even your relationship with they.

And for you, a woman who likes to go out in relationships with married men, I tell you: Value yourself and love yourself. Find the relationship you deserve; one where they really love you and where they don’t use you. Work on your self-esteem and your security. Remember that not only can you get to contract a sexually transmitted disease or even an unwanted pregnancy, but if you think long term, you will see that on this path there is more pain and loneliness, than full happiness. You deserve a true love relationship and not be a “second-rate dish.”

Men and women, think carefully before starting an extramarital affair. Love and respect yourself but, above all, think of your loved ones. Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you. Nothing is worth doing that will give you regrets, win enemies and problems for life. If you want to delve into these topics, I recommend you read the following articles:

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