Why Do I Like To Post So Many Photos On Facebook, And Why Shouldn’t I?

It distracts us. We like. It catches us. But when you post some details of your private life you are showing much more than you think.

We are all inside. Social networks monopolize our day. You wake up and check the notifications. You go to bed and the last thing you see is what your friend number 574 ate. It distracts us. We like. It catches us. But when you post some details of your private life you are showing much more than you think.

I’m not going to deny it. There isn’t a day that I don’t check Facebook. I love seeing the positive messages shared by some friends, the happy faces from their last vacation, and I am often tempted by Tastemade recipes too.

But also, I know when the first tooth of an acquaintance’s son fell out, and when my friend and her boyfriend reconciled, quarreled, and reconciled (although I would have liked more to know in person). Ah yes, I also love to post photos.

Every day, a photo

Yes, I am one of those who have albums for everything. Year after year, my children’s birthdays, my marriage, my vacations, Mother’s Day. Basically, if you go to my profile, you find my whole life. Sometimes I wonder with what need?

According to a studyconducted by the London University of Brunel, the more you post things related to what you do in your everyday life, the more your personality tends to be narcissistic. Could it be that I am?

And according to a friend and colleague, if you post certain thingsLike what you bought, or your routine at the gym, or upload countless selfies, your self-esteem is on the floor.

I like to share with friends

I don’t consider myself a narcissist. Much less with self-esteem on the floor, as the experts say. But I must admit that I love the comments of encouragement, the words of affection for the sweet smile of my children, and the amount of congratulations for the tremendous birthday cake I made, and that in the photo it looks beautiful and delicious.

My list of friends is reduced to people I know only personally. I have almost no one whom I don’t really know, and that is a way of keeping certain details of my private life safe. I know that whoever likes my photos is a real like.

But sometimes you have to restrict certain things

Some of my photo albums are privately or restricted to certain people. This makes me feel free to share some things with those I love, and others not.

The danger that all the content of what you upload is public is that anyone knows details of your life, such as the garden your children attend, the date you go on vacation, the club you frequent. And that’s not funny at all, and it’s highly dangerous.

Post your photos, but be careful

It’s nice to share with friends some of the things that make us happy, but unless your Facebook friends are reduced to your family, try not to expose your privacy in what you post.

Take care of your image

You don’t need to take 5 photos a day of your poses. Relax, love yourself as you are. More likes won’t make you a better person.

Do not disclose specific details

Don’t post your address, phone number, or the name of your children’s school. Information can fall into malicious hands.

The photos, returning from the holidays

First, enjoy your vacation and do not be aware of how many likes you get. And also, if it is a family vacation and there is no one in the house, it is better that no one finds out that you are not, until you return.

Enjoy your meal

Food gets cold and you are there trying to get the best shot. Come on, life is one. Eat, enjoy your dinner, put the phone aside and gobble up that delicious full burger.

May privacy remain yours

Save for yourself and those closest to you all the details of your privacy. Your 500 friends don’t need to know how many hours a day you go to the gym, or if you are melancholic today and euphoric tomorrow. Your life is yours.

And don’t forget that precious minutes of your life are not worth wasting sharing everything you do. Take care of your privacy, value your actions and everything you have, and do not neglect your inner image. Show the world that you are a person who knows where you stand.

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