Why Demand Attention From Your Child, If You Are Not Able To Take Better Care Of Him?

Two proposals that will benefit both

You can’t ask for what you don’t give! If you are one of the mothers who prefers to buy toys or electronic devices for their children so that they are entertained and do not “bother” you, be careful! When you want them to be with you, talk to you about their problems, ask you about their doubts or simply share their successes, they will not do it so easily because since they were children you have taught them not to be close to you, but to other things and people. It is for this reason that children often trust their friends more than their own family. The same happens with displays of affection, details, respect, understanding … by not showing interest on your part, the child is creating the idea that you are not interested in him, that you do not know how to show affection, that they do not wait no attention on your part, that they don’t respect you, etc. Sometimes they also tend to do the opposite with their children due to the lack they had in their childhood, but the reproach sooner or later comes to the fore or becomes a pretext for not approaching their parents, and the elderly.

Two proposals that will help you pay more attention to your child

Show interest in your child’s life

There is the misconception that children can only have “empty” stories to tell, while parents are thinking about solving a thousand problems in their heads, which is reason enough to hear them, without listening to them. However, this is totally false, because just as you as an adult live an important life for you, the little one also lives his where he learns the same or even more than you. That is why I recommend that every time your child lives moments in which you do not participate, such as school, a party, a meeting, an outing … you take a little pause in your worries so that you can spend a few minutes with your child and always ask how he did, what he saw, who he met, what he learned, etc. With this you will get him used from a young age to share his experiences with you.

Respect their ideas from their early years

It is normal that your child’s talk at an early age does not have relevance to you or you find some things funny because of the occurrence of the situation or you do not understand anything he is sharing with you. If what he says makes you laugh but you see that your son does not represent anything funny, do not laugh because he may interpret that you are making fun of him. On the other hand, you must be very attentive to what your little one tells you, because although it may not matter to you, for him it is significant and you must be alert. When you do not understand what he is talking about, ask him to clarify what he is saying, with this you will know what he is living and on the other hand you will show interest in his things. Do not lose sight of the fact that everything your child does when he grows up he will owe it to you, to what you have given and taught him since his childhood, professionally, his habits, his values ​​… »everything you harvest, sow Everything you give you receive.

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