Where Does The Power Of An Empowered Woman Lie?

The power to be happy lives in you.

I have to say something; I am completely grateful for the changes that society has taken in recent times and with which we have benefited greatly.

Among those great changes we have the fact that today it is much easier to be a woman; I know what it sounds like, but if you’re lucky enough to be one, you know what I mean. I say that it is easier to be a woman today, because we are no longer afraid of being judged for such things; not being married before age 30, working outside the home, or pursuing a professional career.

But in addition to the above, it is also good to know that we will not be singled out for having dreams and for the struggle to achieve them. It is also nice to know that, if we have a partner by our side, he can come to support us to achieve them and move forward.

The point is that the fear of deciding on our own is no longer an unattainable dream, but a tangible reality that takes more and more validity every day.

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She is the first woman to assume the position of chief economist at the International Monetary Fund. The crisis of the 1990s in her native India, which led the Asian country to ask for an international financial rescue, motivated Gita Gopinath to concentrate her studies of economics in international finance and macroeconomics, graduating from a Master in Economics from the University of Delhi and then obtain a PhD from Princeton University, graduating in 2001. With an impeccable and extensive academic curriculum at 46, Gita has been a counselor to various financial institutions such as the Federal Bank of New York and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. In addition, she has continued to work with her home country as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance on G-20 issues and as an economic advisor to the State of Kerala. For ten years, Gita has been a member of the Research Program of the International Growth Center, a global network of researchers promoting sustainable growth in developing countries, where they advise on demand-based policy and cutting-edge research. Gita has also had an outstanding editorial career as co-editor of the American Economic Review, editor of the Review of Economic Studies, and as the author of 40 articles on topics such as debt, monetary policy, analysis of financial crises and markets in emerging countries. She is currently a professor of International Studies and Economics at Harvard and will assume her new position at the IMF at the end of the year, when Maurice Obstfeld leaves the position and where Gita will be the first woman who will take on the challenge of leading a key team for global economic research. , creating biannual projections report and recommendations for governments regarding the corrections they should make in their economies to modify their problems. #womenbacanas #gitagopinath

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A long process of change

But this has not been something for a few years; women have struggled to have a prominent place in the world across the board since the late 1890s; and this fight has cost a lot. However, there is no longer a fear of being seen as selfish people because we want something beyond what society expects of us: marriage, a functional home and children.

Don’t get me wrong, wanting to get married, having a conventional home and family is not bad either; what I mean is that in addition to all the “traditional package,” you also have the right to want things that make you happy without sacrificing yourself. Of course, you must be an excellent steward of your time and space.

The point is that if you choose to unite your life with someone and strive to “be happy forever” both things are YOUR DECISION; and there is nothing that makes us happier than knowing that we are the owners of our own lives.

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My personal story

After finishing my degree, I just wanted to work and, if given the opportunity, meet someone with whom to start a family.

However, time passed and that person did not come; my job options were few and on top of all this, I ended up working in something completely opposite to what I had studied. It wasn’t that my life was a fiasco, but I didn’t feel happy and fulfilled.

To make matters worse, some family members and acquaintances started making comments that hurt me a lot. They said things like: “And when are you getting married?” Is the train leaving you? And the children, for when?

Those simple expressions don’t affect me today, but before they hurt me a lot. One day I got tired and I answered them: «I am not going to marry the first one who appears for fear of loneliness or for the urgency of finding a husband. I don’t have children because I don’t have a stable financial position to give him what he deserves; and finally when, how or why I got married is my business.

That day a change arose in me, I realized that I had power, in me there was the ability to choose what I wanted and have my life respected, and since then it is what I do; And to be frank, my life has given a radical change for the better.

How to be an empowered woman?

It is not complex at all, you just have to be sure of what you want and remain open to changes. You must not, for any reason, give in to the control or manipulation of others.

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When speaking of the Russian-German writer Lou Andreas-Salomé, the men who fell into a trance with her, offering love and marriage or having friends of intellectual rapport are listed: Nietzsche, Freud, Rée and Rilke. The truth is that before being a muse, Lou was a free spirit, restless in thought and the author of a dozen books, and the only woman admitted to the Vienna Psychoanalytic Circle at the beginning of the 20th century. Andreas-Salomé was born in Saint Petersburg, the daughter of a military man. She was the only woman among six brothers and as a teenager she began to educate herself. Her father died and her mother accompanied her to Zurich – where the university did admit women – where she studied theology. Then she moved to Rome, where she met the writer Paul Rée and her friend, Friedrich Nietzsche. Both fell in love with the young woman, who insisted that she would not marry either of them, but preferred to establish an intellectual community. Eventually Lou, free as to love affairs, did marry the scholar Friedrich Carl Andres for convenience; but the marriage was never consummated. She also had a relationship for years with the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, several years younger than beautiful letters survive. Lou Andreas Salomé wrote poems – such as the one that served as the inspiration for Nietzsche’s Hymn to Life -, essays and books; she was a tireless worker and thinker. She was also an independent woman thanks to the fame of her writing. She wrote a book about her friend Nietzsche after her death, or a study of women in Ibsen’s work. At the beginning of the 20th century she met Sigmund Freud and became a friend and disciple; she was admitted to the Vienna Circle of Psychoanalysts and from 1915 on she herself cared for patients in her office in Göttingen, Germany, where she lived. She was also a pioneer woman in writing about female sexuality and narcissism from the psychoanalytic perspective. Lou Andreas-Salomé died at the age of 76 from kidney failure. Today there are movies, novels and even an opera inspired by her life; also streets and institutes of psychoanalysis. #womenbacanas #louandreassalome

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  • Seek happiness as something that depends on you and not on a third party.
  • Strive to achieve your goals and dreams no matter what they are, but always without hurting others.
  • Respect yourself and others by setting healthy limits so that they do not take advantage of you.
  • Always be honest with yourself and with others.
  • Don’t be afraid of “what will they say”; There will always be someone who does not agree with your choices, the point is not to allow other people’s opinions to stop your actions.
  • The only way to distinguish love, from its false coins, is to be able to love yourself.

If you are looking for love you should know that there are many versions of it:

  • There is the love of a couple that, just as it can come at some point in your life, can never be found.
  • You can also find love when you serve a just cause, when you take care of those smaller and in need than you.
  • And of course no less important is love for yourself; vital if what you want is to have security in everything you want to achieve for your life.

Being an empowered woman does not make you better or superior to others, it only gives you the POWER to have control of your life, to manage and manage it according to your will, but always remember to use that freedom and will in the best possible way. so that you don’t regret it later.

Be happy.


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