When Technology Tempts You To Cheat On Your Partner

There is nothing wrong with having a Facebook or WhatsApp account, nor with having friends of the opposite sex, as long as you behave with them as an honest and committed person.

The Internet, in many ways, has come to make our lives easier and communication faster. The same can be said of the cell phone. But many couples are experiencing the downsides of technology. In the past it was a bit more difficult to be unfaithful, because you had to be absent from home for a long time and that aroused suspicion. Today many couples are unfaithful without leaving home, simply flirting through text messages.

Because of technology, a couple can be with their partner at home and at the same time be unfaithful. These cyber relationships usually begin as a simple friendship that over time increases in tone and finally ends up sending explicit messages. Although at first there is no physical contact, since messages are only being sent, in the long run it usually ends in a lot of pain for the whole family and destroyed homes.

Studies indicate that the use of the Internet and cell phones tempt many people to cheat on their partners. Yes, there is nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex, but how right is it to have your ex as a friend on social media? It is not news to indicate that social networks facilitate infidelity for various reasons. One of them is that it is common to find old romantic partners, this leads to wanting to relive the past, and that can lead to an episode of infidelity.

Another reason is because you are in contact with many people of the opposite sex. We all know someone who started a relationship in the most innocent way, from there they went to confidences, to being the other’s cloth of tears, to emotional infidelity and, with the passage of time, to a lot of pain, remorse, suffering of innocents, and shattered relationships that cannot be healed.

How to avoid all this pain? Let me share some tips:

1. Stop the temptation when it is still small

When you feel like your conversation is getting louder, stop chatting and disconnect from the internet.

2. Define limits

It is essential that when starting or restarting any relationship with someone you knew a long time ago, you tell that person that you are married or that you have a serious relationship and that you only offer your friendship.

3. Clearly state your status

Putting in your information that you are married or in a relationship leaves a clear message that you are already with someone and are not looking for a partner. Many women complain that their partners say they are single or do not put anything, which can imply that they are available.

4. Take care of your symptoms

In the past, red flags that your partner was cheating on you were lipstick on your shirt, smelling like women’s perfume, and being late for no reason. In these technological times, the signs have changed. Do an analysis of yourself and your partner: If you are spending too much time on the Internet or on your cell phone with someone else, you have to pay attention.

5. Communicate clearly

If you think you would be ashamed if your partner or your children read what you put on the Internet, it is a very clear sign that things have gotten out of hand. The Internet is a clear and tangible danger if you don’t know how to use it. Do not be tempted. If you are going through any of the stages I mentioned above, talk to your partner. Seek their support to get out of a bad relationship. Open and frank communication is essential in this regard.

6. Avoid temptation

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a Facebook account, nor with having friends of the opposite sex, or maybe even your ex-partners on your friend list, as long as you don’t give yourself the luxury of being unfaithful anywhere. degree and don’t flirt with temptation. So really, if you’re somehow going to long for or miss that past relationship, does it make any sense to stay in touch with that person?

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