When I Heard You Were Coming

What did you do when you found out that you were expecting a baby? Here I share some tips of things you can do to enjoy your pregnancy and this beautiful stage, doing some of these activities.

There are many couples who wait for a baby in their lives for a short time. On the other hand, there are others who wait for this blessing for months and years … whatever the case, and in my personal experience, any wait seems like an eternity.

If you identify with the following experiences, I know what you are going through: Every month you expect to see a confirmation on a pregnancy test and with watery eyes you see a negative one. You go through baby stores and you wish you could buy something, for a little one that you still do not know but you wish existed. You visit a friend or family member, and before they ask you at least how are you? The first question is, what are you waiting for? Or: what are they waiting for? .

Those are some of the things that I had to go through, but when the result is finally positive, you feel great joy, it does not compare with anything you have experienced before (especially if it is your first baby), a sunrise, an eclipse, something you can’t explain in words. It is a joy and an ongoing celebration. And then comes the question: what now?

From the first day I found out that my little miracle was coming, I did the following things (if you want you can consider a few to enjoy the sweet wait):

Don’t be overwhelmed by the sex of the baby

, thinking about whether it will be a woman or a man, speak to her in a loving way, and explain to her about the world that awaits her.

Start journaling

With the things that happen during their growth process, you can add photos, pregnancy checks even videos; or you can also do a blog (I decided to do my own).

Search for a phrase or motto

that you feel can help him in his life, you could create with this phrase a painting for his room. I felt that this was the phrase for my baby: “Be of good cheer, for your future is as bright as your faith,” Thomas S. Monson.

Study, read, and listen to music to help you relax

in my case I had the opportunity to do my thesis project during my pregnancy and graduate after delivery, they say that babies assimilate things like this. Help your baby develop her intelligence with a lot of knowledge, even from your tummy.

Listen to baby music

, and try to learn them, they will help you a lot when you have your baby in your arms and you want to calm or pamper him.

Keep working,

if this does not put your pregnancy at risk. Do not stop doing it, that will distract you a bit and this can help you. It helped me. Also, your co-workers will spoil (spoil) you a lot!

And as my mom says, it is best to learn from the experiences of others, so here is a short list of things I shouldn’t have done:

Watch delivery videos

In my case they made me have some fear and courage, mixed feelings, which it would have been better to have avoided.

Compare my pregnancy with others

Each pregnancy is very different, some of us have a harder time being pregnant, and there are other women whose bodies already seem to be ready.

Fill me with advice and warnings

With the best of intentions, they will give you advice, not knowing that what worked a few years ago probably won’t work now. It is best to consult your gynecologist; It is also good to know that from the beginning your “maternal instinct” begins to work, use it!

If you just found out that you are pregnant, and you want some tips to be able to make the best use of your time and fully enjoy this stage, or you know someone who is about to start this beautiful stage, share this information. The opportunity to bring a child into the world is unique, make this experience wonderful.

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