When Children Get Sick: 5 Activities That Have Fun And Help Heal

Most children go through illnesses that force them to be at home, which is heavy for parents. When children get sick: five activities that are fun and help heal.

Think about this situation: sick child, and doctor’s instructions: three to four weeks at home to avoid contagion; do not expose it to drafts, heat or cold so as not to aggravate its health. You must take care of your temperature continuously and follow a special diet, apart from the medications that must be administered in a timely manner … and if all this were not enough, all the normal activities you have daily. How complicated!

Heat, air and cold are perfect ingredients to cause illness in our children. For this reason, at this time, more care must be taken in their feeding and protection. Even so, it is almost impossible to prevent them from being infected, due to the daily dealings with their classmates at school or with their friends in the neighborhood.

Such a situation can sometimes become an ordeal for both them and the parents, because they alter the role of activities already established, and if sometimes time is not enough, this becomes even more complicated. The children, after the third day, no longer know what to do about how heavy and boring it is to be locked up. For all this, it is worth taking into account these five activities to make these “forced vacations” a productive and beneficial moment for your children and for you, the parents:

Activities for sick children

First of all, do not forget that when you get sick you need to be pampered a little and have a lot of patience, especially on the part of mothers who, in these circumstances, become true guardian angels, jealous, attentive, helpful. Before carrying out any activity, it is advisable to consult with the doctor what the little one cannot do (jump, be in front of a screen, run, sweat, walk, etc.).

1. Stories

This activity can be done in different ways to make it more attractive: you as a mother can read it and your child can act it out through drawings or homemade puppets.

2. Skill games

You can buy board games in which the little ones can exercise their different skills, such as a puzzle, putting together words, strategies, word search, crossword puzzles, finding differences between two pictures, and so on. The goal is for them to keep exercising their mind.

3. Coloring

Either in special books in which you can color already established drawings, prints, or even a large sheet with paints and a brush.

4. Review class topics

There are always themes that can be reinforced at home, and this is the right time for it. So that it is not tedious for the children, they can do it as if they were playing school and even change roles so that they are the “teacher” who must explain and you the student who will learn.

5. Change of style

It is a good pretext to change places and debris the bedroom or the children’s space. To motivate them, let them propose changing the furniture and the arrangement of the decorations.

It is often difficult to have sick children, but it is worth making a little effort so that their stay is not so heavy. Just being sick doesn’t mean they’re on vacation, but it shouldn’t be torture either, so you better see the good and take this opportunity to live in a different way with your children.

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