When A Man Looks At A Woman, What Does He See?

Are we real men so superfluous? Or so perverted? Find out what we look at when looking at a woman. When a man looks at a woman, what does he see?

What do men look at when they see girls? Many women assume that men are naturally promiscuous or sex-eating machines, and they would answer that men only notice certain points on a woman’s body that are directly related to erogenous pleasure: a lie.

I am going to open my male head before you so that you can see what we men look at when we see a woman, so that you can know how disgusting our way of experiencing attraction is. If you’ve ever wondered how you can get the attention of a guy without sending the wrong messages, I think this hierarchical list can give you a lot of light.

I recently read an article on the subject in a magazine, so I did my own survey with acquaintances of various ages, sentimental statuses and ideologies. The results were very similar to what the magazine said, so here is the list, in order of importance, of what men pay most attention to:

1. The smile

This was the most frequent answer, and in 95 percent of the respondents it was the first and most important. I subscribe to it: what made me notice the girl who is my wife today was her smile. It’s definitive: a smiling girl is three times as attractive as she can be without smiling. A sincere and unreserved smile sends a signal of unmistakable optimism and friendliness, and a transparent and happy smile will never be misinterpreted.

2. The eyes

Human beings look into the eyes of other human beings. The eyes are what we spend the most time looking at while we talk. I have friends who like them discreet and with cheerful and mischievous expressiveness. I am one of those who, on the other hand, adore big and sad eyes, but in any case the eyes of a person tell us a lot about her, or at least help us to figure out details of her character.

3. The hair

The glory of a girl is her hair. When I was a 4-year-old, for me it was that simple: the long-haired ones were the prettiest, period. Today I know that a girl can have short hair and be, for that very reason, attractive. Psychologists believe that healthy, shiny and elegant hair reflects health and youth, so it is a fundamental element that is noticeable from the beginning.

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4. Weight and appearance of health

It is not about the complexion because “genders break in tastes.” I’m talking about how healthy a woman looks for her weight. After considering things like age and environment (a college professor does not have the same habits as an athlete), noticeable overweight is just as unpleasant as extreme thinness, since both send the message of a health disorder.

5. Naturalness

One day when I was in high school, I went to the theater to see a folkloric ballet show. During the performance, with colored lights on top, all the dancers looked pretty in their makeup. When the show ended, we went backstage to greet some friends who had danced. Then I saw reality: the makeup was like a solid white paste on which were mounted two red stickers on the cheeks and patches of an intense blue above the eyes, not to mention the false eyelashes of almost four inches. Offstage, in natural light, the dancers’ appearance was rather grotesque. I’m sorry to mention it, but sometimes I come across girls whose makeup is theater-worthy, but lacks naturalness. We all appreciate that women wear makeup, but it should be a natural and comfortable look.

6. The outfit

Clothing is perhaps the most globally infallible element to be attractive. The words of the great philologist Umberto Eco explain it: «A feminine dress that, with artisan wisdom, manages to highlight the graces and charms of the one who wears it is not a product in bad taste; but it is if it forces the attention of the beholder on certain more colorful aspects of the person, because then it unbalances her personality, reducing the woman to a simple support of a particular physical aspect “; and I think no girl would be happy with the idea of ​​being seen as an object.

7. The skin

It is not about the color, but about how healthy it looks. A well-hydrated skin, whose owner takes great care in its care, will always be very attractive, regardless of its tone.

8. Body attributes

Believe it or not, of the things that draw a man’s attention when he sees or is near a girl, the bust, hips and the shape of the legs are below everything else. It became clear, through the quote from Umberto Eco, that if a girl’s attire forces the gaze to focus on these aspects before others, it is only the unfortunate result of an inappropriate manipulation of clothing.

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