What Your Family Can Learn From Leicester City’s Triumph

The championship of a soccer team has valuable lessons for the family. Discover them here.

In 2016 the world of sport gave itself almost entirely to Leicester City. Even if you do not like the world of football or are not a specialist, if you did not live in a cave in the first half of the year surely at some point you heard about Leicester.

We go by parts, who or what is Leicester? Well, it’s a football team from a small town in England. Leicester’s joke is that, being a “humble” team (that is, it is not the great economic power that other teams in the English First Division are), it managed to be champion. The story is fantastic because it teaches us some things familiarly:

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1. Believe in dreams, or rather, in a project

The Leicester was not improvised, it was built based on planning according to the budget that was had. You may not be a millionaire and have many bills to pay, but if you approach someone who teaches you to invest in the exact points, you will have a better chance of succeeding.

2. Trust the experience

The team is 133 years old, a time in which, it is worth saying, they had not won a marble contest. The issue with the so-called “Foxes” (their pet is a fox), is that the team relied on players with some experience, not so young anymore.

His coach is a 64-year-old man and the average age of his players is 28.2 years. If you are a young person and you are reading this, trust your older siblings or your parents, they will surely know something that will help you. Also if you are already an adult, get closer to people older than you: they will have a different vision that can guide you.

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3. Sometimes you have to take risks

The history of Leicester has striker Jamie Vardy as the perfect example that sometimes you have to take risks, always trusting in the origin of a person. Before being a footballer, Vardy worked in a factory and thought that his dream of being a professional would not come true. Vardy walked, in 4 years, from the English seventh division to the first, and not only that: he also reached the national team to debut with a goal. Sometimes you have to trust your instincts, not only to know who to trust, but also to know when is the moment when we should least give up.

4. Teamwork

It is said in some teams that the sets are made up of men (as a way of encompassing the human being) not by names. This in the family is a basic lesson: the talents of each must be brought together to get ahead in the face of the storms and tests that life puts.

Leicester entered the Premier League with a payroll five times less than that of the current champions; his players were “strangers” but united in a common goal and managed to rise to the top. To conclude, I will tell you that at the start of the campaign, the odds of Leicester winning the title were 5,000 to one. As you will see, there are no impossible.

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