What You Should Do Before You Move

Tips so that when facing a move, it is not a real chaos.

At the time of writing this – I must confess – I do it on almost a dozen boxes, the paintings are no longer in the room and the idea still causes me some conflict. But it is a reality, there are two days left before I move and, in this way, start over. Human beings are not exactly used to change, we almost always choose to play it safe. I consider myself an adventurer and that is why the decision was made, as a family, to write a new story elsewhere.

It is not easy to face the issue of changing homes, since customs, routes, times and, most importantly, moments remain, but it is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties and be able to have fun and entertain yourself with new challenges and responsibilities. So if you are in the situation where you have to move, I will share a series of recommendations, which, I think, could be useful when you have to hand over the keys to the old apartment.

1. Evaluate the cons of the place you are currently in

Obviously if the pros are put first, then it will be difficult for you to make the decision, but if there are situations that you clearly do not like where you live, put them at the beginning and keep in mind that you will change them; in my case, for example, the rent for the place was already unsustainable.

2. Consider at least three new options

Well, I already have to change, and then? If I go with the first option they give me, out of comfort or laziness, it will surely end up being worse or, as they say in Mexico, “broth will be more expensive than meatballs.” Check where you can go, make sure there are at least three, and take the time to do it.

3. Visit the places and, whoever stays, visits three more times

Do you already have your options? Well, then an ordinary day travels towards them. By public transport, by car, even if it’s raining. When you already have the place where you will change, then frequent it, ask for routes, get on them, get lost if necessary. Practically get into the idea of ​​a normal day and realize that your schedules are going to change.

4. Don’t do everything last

Leaving a site, and more if it is rented, means that you must leave everything in zero; review any type of debt you have and cover it. Change services (for example, the telephone) and put things in boxes. If you leave everything for one day before the move, you will end up with a severe nervous breakdown and nothing will come of it.

Work day by day (at least two months before) to get the resources that you will need and make the necessary changes according to an agenda; believe me, if not for that, baldness may be premature. If you are about to start that adventure, good luck! I’ll tell you another time how it went.

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