What Was It That Killed Our Love?

You may believe that love never dies, but there are factors that cause it to hurt until it disappears.

CupidHe observed them from his celestial enclosure, he analyzed each action and recorded each request that Julieta and Roman made him reach through their prayers. With fervent desire, longing and hope that they could find true love they made a promise to Cupid (each one separately). He listened to them and decided to launch his arrow of love; that’s how this wonderful lonely couple fell in love.

As if it were a Disney tale, where love at first sight was real, Julieta and Román decided to marry. They were convinced that thedestination had brought them together. They were both completely in love, they had the same goals, dreams and wishes; together they were invincible and in the eyes of many they made the perfect couple.

The first years passed full of joy and happiness; still feeling butterflies in my stomach at every encounter. They were even one hundred percent sure that their love was unbreakable, so strong and solid that it was impossible to die. But one day everything changed; their love for each other was waning. For more explanations that they sought for such an event, they stopped to reflect . What was it that killed their love?

A blindfold

He fought day and night to please his loving wife; he put aside his self-esteem, all to make sure he met all the needs and demands that she asked of him. Roman felt that all his struggle and effort were not valued since he never received the reward that his heart desired. On the other hand, Julieta thought that she had to change her husband’s way of being, since he never listened to her, so she had to behave in a docile way to avoid conflicts.

“He doesn’t know what it is like to love a woman, could that be love?” Julieta thought in the depths of her heart. “The sacrifice I make she never appreciated, what happened to us?” Roman wondered.

This is a small reflection of how the love of a couple can diminish and even die when people refuse to accept reality by putting a blindfold on, believing that everything is fine. Fortunately, love can be saved and strengthened when it becomes aware that “there is no relationship with a couple”, but “two relationships at the same time”; since each one has their own needs or emotional voids to fill, before waiting for the couple to be responsible for filling them.

So what did love kill?

1 The assumptions

Unfortunately, there are no perfect couples, there will always be differences that between spouses will have to fix and discuss to reach agreements. Assumptions and misunderstandings can kill love, trust, and jeopardize the commitment that exists in a relationship.

It will be convenient to face your partner and clear all the doubts that exist in your heart before imagining things that are not real and that will only damage your relationship and trust. Ask your partner for arguments about the actions that create doubts and voids, so you can have the peace and tranquility you need.

2 The sacrifice

The writer Jorge Bucay In his book “The valuation of love is never sacrifice”, he comments that love is not a sacrifice. He says that we have to get the best of ourselves, that love is a feeling that is complemented when we help the couple to fulfill their mission in life; being only a guide that encourages and motivates you to conquer your dreams.

Love is giving without expecting to receive anything in return, it is about being genuine and achieving empathy with the partner without forgetting ourselves. The true act of love is not sacrifice but doing things out of the simple conviction that what is done will benefit the relationship.

3 The monotony

Put aside the overflowing passion, detailsthat motivate the heart or demonstrations of love, just by thinking about the obligations and responsibilities that are assumed in a relationship, is part of the monotony. Living without taking risks, being in the comfort zone to have a certain balance and boredom, may be enough reasons why love dies.

When there is no shared spark, challenges, goals, and interests in a relationship, that relationship turns to disappointment and frustration; which causes some couples to get used to being together without really enjoying their love.

4 Unforgiveness

Not accepting the mistakes that are made by poor decisions and not learning from past experiences, makes couples hold resentment and hatred in their hearts. That can erode the love, trust, and success you want. When you learn to forgive with your heart, things flow; therefore love is strengthened.

5 the words

Respect is the foundation of any good relationship. When this fails and things are said that are not really meant, that is when love fades. Words have great power in the mind of anyone who hears them; They can completely heal or destroy someone. That is why we must be careful with the words that come out of our mouth, so as not to hurt the loved one and above all so as not to affect their self-esteem.

6 The infidelities

Cheating and lying to your loved one has no justification whatsoever. Theinfidelity it is a dishonorable, vile, and not very brave act; that is why this act will kill love in seconds and destroy the trust and dreams of the loved one. However, each one who will make the decision to forgive and change to fight for their love. No one can tell you what to do in those circumstances.

Couple love can be like a Disney story, the one that is eternal; as long as the two are in the same line, with the same dreams, goals and interests, trying not to neglect self-love in order to offer and provide all love to the couple. Remember, marriage is teamwork where both of you have to take care of love and keep it alive.

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