What The Bees Taught Me About Protecting My Family.

Read this article and you will discover why the family is the foundation of society and so that you never forget that we can always turn to our loved ones to overcome the difficulties of life.

A few years ago a swarm of bees came to our house, which in Colombia we know as ‘Angelitas’; This particular species is small, each little bee is about 4 millimeters long and they produce exquisite honey; you could say that they are part of my back garden and bring life to summer days. I like this type of bees much more because they are completely harmless to humans and animals. One day, some black bees a little bigger than the angels tried to invade the hive that they have on the wall of the patio, it was incredible to see how they defended their honeycomb to the point that many died to protect their box and defeat the invaders, more Still surprising was that it only took two days to rebuild the entrance to their home.

This event with the angel bees made me think about us human beings and my family in particular, how through the years, we have overcome obstacle after obstacle and we have stood firm in the midst of storms thanks to the fact that we have remained united .

We are members of a society whose main cell is the family. There are many daily challenges that we must face and overcome; As happened with the angel bees in my house, after each challenge we must rebuild our home to move on with our lives, as if nothing had happened, learning from our mistakes and above all, supporting each other unconditionally.

It is for this reason that today I want to present some tools that will help us fight for the well-being of our homes and that of our families and will be of benefit in the midst of life’s dilemmas.

Let’s never forget that there is only one family

No matter how many problems we may have with our parents and even with our siblings, as long as there are strong ties and we know that we are loved by ours, we can turn to them for company, advice or moral support, whatever the case may be.

Our family is the only one that provides unconditional support

We may have a very valuable circle of friends, however, at some point we will be forced to return the favor they have done us; This is not the case with our family, an example of this is our mothers and fathers who give us everything without expecting anything in return, what we do for our parents as a way of gratitude for their dedication is already a personal matter.

If we leave our home we must remember that we can always return to it

Regarding this I speak with knowledge, some years ago I went in search of better winds to another country; I remember that when I embarked on that adventure, my father told me this phrase: “never forget that this is your country and the house will always be YOUR home,” I never forgot. When the bad times came to me in the country where I had emigrated, without hesitation I returned home and was received by my family in a way that I will never forget.

We must be willing to defend our home

When I say “home” I am not referring to a physical place, I am talking about the relationship that is established between family members, that closeness and affection that go beyond what can be expressed. Misfortunes can come at any time and it is our duty not to be taken by surprise if necessary, we must be willing to give everything of ourselves to get ahead despite the difficulties.

We must always fight for happiness, remember that it has a price and that good things are not designed for those who seek the easy things in life; think of your parents, siblings, uncles, cousins ​​and grandparents, when one of our family members has a problem we all feel regret and want it to be resolved soon, at that moment we stick together and do what is in our power to support to our loved one in disgrace. We can be like bees, if we fight together we will win together!

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