What Men Find Outside The Home With Other Women

It should be very clear that being unfaithful is a personal decision. That is, if at any time your partner is unfaithful it is not your fault, that simple. However, these tips will help you prevent infidelity.

I consider myself lucky when I think about how many good women I have met throughout my life. I have been able to learn many things from them; This time I want to share with you those who, after an infidelity, have discovered that they could have done something else at home to avoid it:

1. Be flexible, your husband and family are more important than cleanliness.

It is an almost common phenomenon among married women who worry too much about the administration of the home, the children, the housework; they organize strict schedules and outline every minute of the day. They live continuously thinking of forming the “photo family” where everyone looks clean, neat and perfect. These behaviors become detrimental to the family and especially to the spouses when healthy routines become a priority and are unchangeable. Men look for a partner who wants to spend time with them when they get home and not doing laundry or ironing sheets and towels. It is true that we all like a clean, comfortable and tidy home, but it is okay if you put aside a chore to go out with your husband. DO NOT set schedules for love, company, intimate relationships, do not interrupt a good conversation by running to clean. Do not put your children before your partner and for what you want most, remove your parents from your relationship. No matter what you are doing or what plan you have in mind to organize the house, if your husband invites you for a walk or asks you to accompany her, please her; Otherwise he will soon spend more time alone and he will get used to going out without you because you will no longer be indispensable for him to move in the world and believe me, there will always be another woman interested in him.

2. Wives are boring, mistresses are not.

Wives whose only interesting thing in their day has to do with the price of beans, or if the neighbor bought new shoes, are boring wives. This is a part that you should consider in your person and check if you have become someone tedious to be with. A woman, any woman, regardless of her marital status, must have a life of her own: she must read, study, research herself, have a topic of conversation, learn new skills and take care of her person as this will make her irresistible; your husband will be proud to have an intelligent, hard-working, beautiful, and helpful wife. Joy, smile and good humor are characteristics that men value a lot in a woman, if you become someone who only scolds, who is always sad or angry and rarely dares to do something different, rest assured: you will be a boring wife.

3. Wives believe that because they are married their husbands are obligated to love them.

It is very sad to meet women who think that their husbands will never leave them, they will always be by their side and that love is a lamp that never goes out. What a serious mistake! For someone to love us constantly, we must work to nurture that love, not lose the things that made us fall in love with that person and never stop striving to serve and provide for them. Usually married women make a mistake by demanding flowers and other pampering that occurred during the courtship. Do not demand, offer. Nobody is obliged to stay with you, if they stay it is because they want to. Every time you demand time, attention or things, you are only confirming that you alone cannot with yourself, that you need or depend on someone else to be happy. When you are interested in yourself, I will repeat it, you will become irresistible. People who know how to be with themselves are the most interesting.

4. Wives are constantly busy trying to change their husbands.

Some women are extremely busy “improving” their husbands and all they do is make them feel like they are not good enough or that they are not up to the task or their expectations, and this kills the men. The desire to improve must be born in ourselves and trying to change others is an act of selfishness. You married a man, not a child who needs to be finished raising.

5. It is always the other’s fault.

Contrary to what many think, infidelity in men has little to do with intimate relationships or the physical beauty of women. It is common to be surprised to see that “the other woman” or even “the second wife” are not as graceful as the wife or the one to whom they were unfaithful; but they are happier, more relaxed, less strict and full of life. Men are often looking for someone to talk to, who will listen to them and not judge or criticize them; that he does not tell them what or how to do things, that he is not controlling or dominant. It is common to find out that they value and appreciate very much to find a clean woman, tidy for him and in good spirits, not someone with whom to get to fight or argue about children and household expenses. Be careful, then. Remember that to discuss difficult topics or issues you must find the right time and the right place.

I am going to repeat the opening phrase, being unfaithful is a personal decision and the decisions that your partner makes is not your responsibility, what is your responsibility is to work on your self-esteem, your improvement and on those character defects or bad habits that you could have.

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