What Every Wife Wishes Her Husband Knew When He Became A Mother

These simple things mean the world for a future mother and for every mother …

One of the great blessings that women have is the power to give life to another human being; Becoming a mother not only means caring, protecting, changing diapers, preparing food, teaching, but it is a great responsibility that takes a lifetime.

The connection that the mother has with the children is totally different from the one that occurs with the parents, since they are born from the womb of the woman and we are fortunate to create a spiritual bond even before they are born, something that unfortunately, men can never experience or understand.

Although the father has a loving, devoted and committed behavior with his children, communication with the mother goes beyond human understanding and the obligations that raise them entails.

Most women want their husband to understand and experience this inexplicable communication, since men often create conflicts over the way a mother educates, cares for, protects and guides her children. In some families, parents are even unable to recognize the woman’s effort, calling her overprotective and sometimes even blaming her in case the children make mistakes in life.

When a woman decides to have children, her life changes completely, the way of seeing life is filled with love, illusions, fears, anguish, worries and a host of positive and negative feelings and emotions.

Husbands should know that some of the behaviors that mothers have is not intended to mis-educate their children, since there is no teaching manual for parenting; they should know that:

1. If the children suffer, so does the mother

I do not mean that fathers do not suffer for their children, however, mothers have a more developed intuitive sense. It is a true love, sincere and without expecting anything in return, if the children feel sad, have fears, fears, insecurity, the mother manages to experience those feelings wholesale.

Many times the inability to solve problems for children creates feelings of guilt, helplessness and failure. So husbands should not be surprised when they see their wife crying, worried and anguished at wanting their children to be happy. It is normal and indescribable behavior!

2. Being a mother is not the same as being a slave

Children demand all the time of a mother, although times and beliefs have changed the erroneous role that women should have by being all the time to care for the home and children, many of them have to go out to work to help with family stability. However, sometimes responsibilities and obligations are increased, developing an emotional imbalance.

Husbands should know that the burden of responsibilities has to be balanced to have family harmony, that women before becoming mothers, also have dreams and goals that they want to achieve.

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3. Take the opposite in decisions

In most families there will always be the father who has different ways of educating his children and that contradict the ideas of the woman, creating confrontations for each one to defend their beliefs. This imbalance creates great confusion for children when parents disagree. So it is important for the husband to understand the woman’s thinking, to listen to his reasons, to have excellent communication.

Many times the mother acts in a way that is overprotective towards her children and does not do so with the intention of educating them badly, but to protect them from any danger. Husbands should remember that women are more sentimental and less rational when it comes to making decisions that involve their children.

4. Children will always be small for the mother

Let them grow! Do not try to solve their problems! Do not call him every so often! These are typical phrases of some men, who do not understand the connection of a mother with her children.

Children will always be seen as small even when they manage to start their own families.

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Men and women are different, we act and understand things in life with different perspectives. So parenting should always be balanced, husbands should understand and reflect on many behaviors that mothers have before creating a revolution in their family life.

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