What Does Your Favorite Movie Teach Our Children?

Each child has one or more favorite movies. Have you ever thought about exactly what they teach them?

Obviously this is a very particular case, so these lines will focus on two specific tapes, the movies that my son watches.

If I had the opportunity to choose your favorite movies, those that we repeat 100 times in a week, surely I would have selected a musical, or some action, undoubtedly something sports, but the reality is that my child, aged 1 year and nine months, is fan of two films: Cars and Despicable Me , and I enjoy them with him over and over again. As with all parents of young children, I already know the dialogues by heart.

But is it important that children know the cinema? Is it mere entertainment, or does it leave something on the minds of our little ones? According to A. Vega, the so-called seventh art is an important educational instrument, due to:

«Their ability to train and inform in a relaxed and playful way. The student is not aware of being polite. For him, watching movies in class is an activity that escapes from the usual, which helps him escape from his normal tasks in the classroom, which increases his interest and participation. “

«Helps students with conflict resolution by presenting society (almost) as it is. It shows them the world and gives them an example of the relationships that are established in it. We can speak, therefore, of a formative cinema, which would have as its main purpose, the improvement of the knowledge of viewers .

In simple words, the cinema helps a formative message to reach children, and of course, adults, without a “real” intention to educate; It is going to have fun and with the extra reward of receiving an apprenticeship without wanting it. Having stated the above, I present some points about what the two aforementioned films teach to the little ones, of course it is necessary to explain them with examples according to their age and context.

C ars

Disney / Pixar, United States, 2006. What lessons does it give?

Not to be arrogant

The ‘Lightning’ McQueen is Rookie of the Year; He is very good at what he does, the best without a doubt, but this makes him lose his ground and believe that the earth does not deserve it.

Don’t judge by appearances

McQueen hates rusty cars and treats them badly, however, meeting Mate, a rusty tow truck, makes him see his terrible mistake.

We need others in society

Rayo has no friends, much less a team, he believes that he alone can do everything. A group of new friends teaches him that this is not true.


McQueen presents himself as he is to Mate, and he himself accepts it without judging him for his previous mistakes.

Listen to the elderly

Lightning takes advice from an old racing champion, and although he behaves rude at first, corrects his attitude, accepts his mistake and learns from the experienced, this makes him a better racer

To treat women well

In his superb McQueen begins treating Sally like an object, he changes course to become a knight on wheels.

My favorite villain

Despicable me / My Favorite Villain in Latin America, Universal Entertainment, United States 2010. What lessons does it give?

Even the baddest can change

Gru is the ultimate villain, however this does not prevent him from developing a special affection for three orphan girls.

Looks are deceiving

The minions are, on the surface, harmless beings, but they are essential for all of Gru’s plans to be carried out.

Acts of evil, personal emptiness

Gru has committed great crimes, but this never fulfills him, deep down he seeks his mother’s acceptance.

Bad parents, bad children

A delicate issue, Gru’s mother never gave her son confidence, nor did she pay attention to him, this generates a resentment in the Villain that ends up transforming into evil actions.

To protect the little ones

Faced with the abuse of other people for girls, Gru develops a very unique protective instinct, if you have the possibility, take care of the less strong.

Not all children’s movies are only for children, the really good ones give messages that can be interpreted by parents. In this sense, it is always advisable to ask the child after watching a movie what he really understood. Commenting on a movie with your children will make you have a more enriching family experience. For the same reason, I ask you: What is your children’s favorite movie and what has it taught them?

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