What Does Your Child’s Adolescence Hide?

Having a teenage son is far from easy going, but do you know what this stage really hides? I invite you to read what happens with your son right now.

Dealing with a teenage child is a tremendous test of patience and parenting skills. Suddenly the sweet children who were totally dependent on you for their daily routine activities begin to become people who are difficult to talk to without ending up in an argument. What you should know is that this is not entirely intentional, but that different processes are hidden behind this attitude. Let’s see:

They are in search of their identity

Little by little, adolescents need to feel identified with some belief, a stereotype or tendency. This comes to explain why there are so many urban tribes, the fanaticism for different musical bands or the adoption of some religious, political or way of life. Keep in mind that little by little this will subside.

They have started to think differently

When you are a child, life issues may have two or three options, but when you begin to mature we begin to notice nuances, to think about things several times before making a decision. This is why they can start arguing constantly. As parents, we know from experience that there are paths that will lead us to error; however, you have to know that your wisdom is of no use to him, it is he who must experiment and stumble and fall to learn about the trivial things in life.

They want to experience independence

The vast majority of us thought that being an adult and not taking orders from anyone was the best thing that could happen to us. At this stage, however, the rules and respect must be clearly established, because it is important for them to know, for example, that not because they know how to navigate the city they have the right to arrive home at dawn.

They have great fears

They question the ability to like the opposite sex; for this reason they begin to undertake diets, exercise and demand things to gain acceptance from their peers.

They fear failure

Since they are children, parents are concerned about instilling in them that they must study to achieve success in life. For this reason, when they begin to grow, they fear that they will not measure up to what they have been taught and possible failure becomes their worst nightmare.

Family breakups scare them

Feeling contained and part of a family that loves them is fundamental at this stage, so the separation from their nucleus greatly frightens them.

They want to experience new things

They need to explore the world, and so they start looking for new activities to do. In fact, many great athletes have started their careers during this stage. It is important that you always guide your children towards activities that are in accordance with their principles and values, because this is the moment when they can face the world of drugs, alcohol and crime if they are not sure of their beliefs .

Keep in mind that this is a short stage in your child’s life, that he needs you as a container and not as an invincible rival. Cultivate the art of patience ; Empathy can help you a lot to understand what you are looking for or expecting from life. And when you have a difficult day to cope with, always remember that love can do everything.

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