What Do I Do If I Can Hardly Be With My Son Because Of My Work?

Overwork does not allow you to be with your children, so I present five tips so that you are always present, even if you cannot be physically.

In these times when life has become more difficult, both parents have had to go out to the streets to get to work and to be able to give their children what they need. This has led them, many times, to hire a person to take care of them in their absence, pay an extra at school, leave them in charge of a relative or neighbor, or in the worst case, leave them alone.

In this sense, a few months ago a person shared with me his concern not for the fact of leaving his son – since he had the great fortune to have a relative take care of him – but rather because they could not share time with him as a family, since they are both firefighters, an occupation that does not allow them to have a fixed schedule.

What can you do?

1. Kiss your child

If you have to go to work before your child wakes up, go to his bedroom to kiss him, it doesn’t matter that you don’t wake him up, and wrap him up, do the same at night, no matter how tired you are. Whisper in his ear how much you love him, even if he is not awake; the message will stay with him throughout the day and night.

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2. Leave signals

Bring him a detail: a napkin with his name written on it, a flower, a message, a chocolate, his favorite candy, a drawing, a pencil, a pen, a toy, leave a heart stuck on the mirror, and so on; whatever it is that lets him know that despite not being able to see each other during the day for your work, it is always in your mind.

3. Get involved in their studies

As soon as you return from work, spend five minutes reviewing his notebooks, and leave him a message so that he realizes that you are aware of his academic achievement; acknowledge his skills and knowledge, but also motivate him in his weaknesses and offer your help to improve his failures as soon as possible.

4. Seek to have contact

Always try to make a phone call to him, even if it is to ask how he is, or send him a message or a letter if you are far away. Now that if your child is a baby, fill her bedroom with pictures of you so that she does not forget your face. It is very important that they stay in contact even in that way.

5. Set times

Even if you have only one day of rest per week, dedicate it to your child, and if you cannot do it all day because you have to take care of your house, establish times and activities with your child to study how to play, go to the movies or go for a walk, read, or do an activity that you enjoy; Put your work aside and focus on it.

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It is true that there are very absorbing jobs. If we add to that long distances, stress, conflicts and worries, it becomes heavier to be able to find time to spend with the family, when what you want most is to rest. However, it is always necessary to make a sacrifice of family unity and joy.

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