We All Deserve Our Space! Some Activities That It Will Always Be Better If You Don’t Do Them As A Couple

Being in love is something very nice and there are couples who become “mu├ęganos” and all the time they want to be together, but has it not happened to you that sometimes you want a moment just for yourself?

Being in love is something very nice and there are couples who become “mu├ęganos” and want to be together all the time, but hasn’t it happened to you that sometimes you want a moment just for yourself? And this is totally natural, there are times when you do not want to be with your partner and that does not mean that you do not love him, but that you simply want to be alone with you.

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That is why below we share some activities that you could do only with you, in order to be more comfortable. It should be mentioned that it is not that they are exclusive to be done in this way, he or she can also be included, but that sometimes it is worth cutting the “cord” and you can have time to be well yourself, because remember that finally and after all, your only company forever! You are yourself, check the details.


Yes, it is okay that from time to time you go out together and he or she can give you their opinion about how an item of clothing fits you, but sometimes, you just want to walk in stores, see things, try them on and realize that If you like it and it looks good on you, then buy it! Never forget that more than for the person who is with you, you should always dress for yourself.

To go out with your friends

Of course, it is worth your partner to know the circle of people around you, those siblings that you chose to accompany you on the road, but it does not have to be always. Both deserve their spaces, since, has it not happened to you that you go out with your friends or friends and because your partner is there, you cannot talk as comfortably as you would like?

Of course, it is valid one day to tell him: “I’m going out with my friends, we’re going as a boy” and surely, that way he will understand that you want to go alone.

Go a spa afternoon

There are spa plans for couples, but there are also those that are individually; Maybe you want to relax by yourself, not chat with anyone, disconnect from the whole world and have a comfortable moment alone. Without a doubt, if your partner understands you, they will respect your decision and let you de-stress so that when you return, they will see you as new.

Take classes in something!

Not because your boyfriend / girlfriend doesn’t like carpentry, does it mean that you can’t take those classes. The fact that they are dating does not mean that they have to be the same, if so, how boring! Therefore, they should also give their spaces for their personal tastes; If that guitar course catches your attention, why not take it? You don’t have to go both.

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Do girl or boy things

Maybe you want time to do a manicure, pedicure, dye your hair or put on some masks if you are a girl; Also, if you are a boy, you want to start drawing, fixing or washing your car, mowing the grass or your garden, going to play a soccer game, etc. Everyone has activities that are extremely comfortable and they are super valid for everyone to do them and it doesn’t have to be that every Tuesday (for example) they do that, it is about feeling free and with the confidence of Say “I want to do this” and voila, no one has to get angry because the other is not included in their plan.

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