Warning To All Moms With Small Babies! Changing Tables In Bathrooms Can Be Dangerous

Do not use them in these conditions!

Most mothers know that going out with their baby involves carrying a whole suitcase for any unforeseen event, including diapers, wet towels, creams, powder, baby bottles, powdered milk, another change of clothes, and so on. Going outside can seem like an adventure, as if you were going on a trip, however, everything is necessary, since in any public place if the necessary hygienic measures are not taken, the little one can contract some type of infection.

A publication by Jessica Wayman, accused many mothers who use public diaper changers fear and controversy, as it warned of the dangers they have for babies. According to Jessica, although mothers bring a blanket to place their child on the changing table, she suggests that it should be cleaned with disinfectant towels before doing so, since many times she has found black stripes that indicate that the Changing tables are used by people addicted to drugs, as if they were tables to crush the product. The problem is that if the baby puts the blanket in her mouth, it could cause serious harm.

The post may be true, however, it is important to take these safety and hygiene measures before changing your baby in a public place:

  1. Sturdy and stable

Many public changing tables have years of use, so they can be weak and sturdy, so make sure before placing your baby that it is not damaged and that it is strong enough to support the weight. To do this, you just have to press with your body and lean on the changing table, so you will see if it is stable to avoid an unforeseen event. Remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Height

Although the public changing tables are placed at a standard height, you should know that not all of us have the same size, therefore, if you are short, take a small bench with you to reach and be comfortable when you change your baby. Since the moment of hygiene is important for your little one, because it is where he will feel most pampered and pampered, therefore you must be at his height for his safety and yours.

  1. Clean before laying a blanket

It never hurts to clean the changing table with some disinfectant towels or an alcohol swab, to avoid any type of bacteria or virus that can cause illness in your baby. Then lay out a blanket and change it confidently. Make sure that the blanket you use for the changes is exclusive for that purpose and not later to cover or cover your little one.

  1. Have everything you need

If possible, always ask for help or go with someone to a public changing table, to help you have everything at hand (diaper, wet towels, powder, creams) and not neglect your baby for a second, as it usually happens that sometimes the little ones roll or do cartwheels and fall seriously injuring themselves. Remember the importance of observing all the time.

  1. Leave clean

Thinking about the safety and hygiene of others is a humane act, so I recommend that you always leave the public changing table clean and disinfected so that someone else can use it, regardless of whether the other mother is cautious or not.

These safety and hygiene measures not only work for diaper changers, but also for bathrooms in general. Be very careful when your little one is older and uses the toilet, always accompany him and disinfect it before using it, as well as instruct him to wash his hands after using the bathroom. Take care of your child’s health and be more cautious, it does not matter that you carry a whole suitcase, safety is first.


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