Video Tribute To Chespirito. 4 Life Lessons That He Left Us

All of Latin America is in mourning for the death of Mr. Roberto Gómez Bolaños, but have you ever wondered what his merit as a comedian consisted of?

Don Roberto Gómez Bolaños, better known as Chespirito, delighted Spanish-speaking children, youth and adults for decades. Through each of his iconic characters: El Chavo del 8, El Chapulín Colorado, El Chómpiras, Dr. Chapatín, as well as Chaparrón Bonaparte, Chespirito dealt with the daily life of Latin America, and how different characters faced it in a slight way. Some of the lessons that we can apply to our own lives are the following:

1. Everything you need is in your loved ones

In “El Chavo del 8” There is not a single complete family: La Chilindrina and Ñoño have only their father; Kiko, just her mother. And the case of total abandonment is that of El Chavo, who lacks a family and a home: her house is a barrel. Yet they all teach us that no matter how little we have, true wealth comes from our families, friends, and those who have something to teach us. Even if we live inside a barrel, we can be happy if we learn to appreciate what little we have.

2. There is a hero within you

It is not necessary to have a white horse or silver armor. True heroes simply have the best intention and disposition; Out of these two factors come the right words, acts of kindness, and the courage to do the right thing in the most dire of circumstances. The red grasshopper does not have the superpowers of Marvel heroes, but it has the main quality that a hero can have, that of serving with joy those who need it and it teaches us that, in that sense, however limited we are, there is a hero within each one of us.

3. You can overcome your circumstances

Some authors have seen a social contribution in Chespirito’s work. How many children like to go to school? And yet, the funniest chapters of El Chavo occurred when the children rebelled, in some way, against the educational system, represented in Professor Jirafález. It is not easy to owe 14 months of rent continuously over three decades and, nevertheless, Don Ramón defeated the capitalist system, represented by Mr. Barriga who is going to collect the rent. Chespirito taught us that we can overcome our circumstances, and do so without losing our most valuable treasure: the smile.

4. You can stay clean, despite social pressure

A contribution from Chespirito that very few see is its context. While Mexican comic television was filled with sexual humor and double meanings, Chespirito knew how to maintain as a constant, despite the pressure of his environment, a perfectly familiar white humor. Don Roberto Gómez Bolaños taught us that we can overcome social pressure and remain firm in our convictions.

Now that he has passed away, we can see from a distance that one of his great contributions to our Latin American culture was creating a space around which the family could meet cleanly. He left us a space in front of the television where healthy smiles are continuously shared that go beyond the duration of his program. Yes, certainly Chespirito taught us to see life not only with humor and enthusiasm, but also taught us to laugh at ourselves healthily, and to see our Latin American circumstances in a light and funny way.

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