Video: This Son Gave His Parents A Great Gift And Became An Angel To Them

If you want to delve into your perspective of what family is, love, attachment and, yes, the way miracles work, you have to watch this video.

A dictionary definition tells us that the family “is a group of people united by kinship ties, whether by blood, marriage or adoption who live together for an indefinite period of time. It is the basic unit of society. ” The bold ones are mine, because I think that is the most important thing in that definition: the unity that comes between people — and between animals because, yes, I have for me that pets are also family. What makes a family a family? Unit.

Therefore, when we speak of family unity, it is achieved through attachment, understanding attachment as a strong, deep and lasting affective bond, which is developed through interaction, which provides security, comfort and protection. Unity is achieved when all members of the family achieve the same ideals, desires and goals. That is why religion is so important in the family: living a religion unifies those ideals, desires and family goals: it gives structure to existence and generally causes a spirit of love, understanding, forgiveness and sacrifice, which is what can be seen in this video:

The video is in another language, does not have subtitles, and yet you do not need them. A young man is going to visit his parents on Christmas morning to give them a gift they did not expect: he has paid the mortgage on his house … the reaction of his mother and father will also make you cry and ask yourself: What can I do to prove more unity and love for my parents?

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