Valentine’s Day For Children: What To Do And Say To Your Little Ones

Valentine’s Day is coming and your children will surely ask you some questions. I invite you to read this article to be prepared.

Valentine’s Day is near, and stores adorn their windows with hearts, flowers, chocolates and different gifts accompanied by hearts. As well as surely the different doubts or queries on the part of the smallest of the house will begin to surface. What is celebrated? Is it for adults only? How do children celebrate? Here are some tips to clearly answer your different questions:

Love and friendship are celebrated

This date, although it has a connotation for couples, also includes the celebration of friendship. And it represents the necessary opportunity to express feelings of gratitude towards all those whom we love and who make life more beautiful.

No expensive gifts necessary

As with all important dates, it is normal to see that different companies offer different alternatives as a “token of love.” Well, it’s time to explain that gifts are not necessary. It is enough with a small gesture that allows us to show how important our friends are in life. If their wish is to say hello to someone, encourage them to develop their imagination and make some cards or drawings with their own hands.

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The meaning

Towards the 3rd century, the emperor Claudius II was working in Rome, who decided to prohibit marriages between young people, so that in this way they would be better soldiers. Then Valentine, considered that it was unfair and secretly celebrated the marriages of young lovers who requested it. Seeing this, his execution was ordered. And later they began to pay tribute as a way of thanking their fight for love.

It has different names

In some countries this day is celebrated as “Valentine’s Day”, while in others it is simply “Valentine’s Day”, but the meaning is always the same. Pay tribute to love.

It is NOT necessary to celebrate love only on this day

It doesn’t matter if the people we want to greet on this day are far away, we can just as well prepare a card for them and send it by post, or wait for them to arrive to tell them how much we love them.

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Set an example against consumerism

If you have just explained that what matters is love, it is time to start stopping compulsive shopping, to make way for the search for family activities. They can do some of the following activities to live an unforgettable day of love: bake cakes or cookies, decorate together, surprise mom or dad with some beautiful craft, have dinner together, find a movie that talks about the importance of love in the life of people, give drawings or cards to grandparents or uncles, find a panorama for the family or whatever comes to mind to make them part of this beautiful celebration.

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And of course, do not miss a nice greeting for them. Tell them how important they are in your life, how much you love them, and how happy you are that they have each other. I hope you have a Valentine’s Day really full of love, of that true one that does not need more than simple gestures to fill the soul with joy.

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