Vaginal Infection Me? If You Recognize These Symptoms, It Is Very Likely That You Are Suffering From A Vaginal Infection Without Knowing It

7 out of 10 women will suffer from a vaginal infection during their adult life. They are more common than you might think!

The human body is an incredibly precise machine, which we must learn to care for and recognize the messages it transmits to us when something does not work as it should. Women are susceptible to various ailments of our reproductive system, and vaginal infections are one of the most common. The US Department of Health reports that 75% of women have suffered from at least one vaginal infection during their adult life.

What is a vaginal infection?

When you suffer from a vaginal infection, the ecosystem of bacteria and fungi that normally inhabit the vagina is disrupted, creating chaos in the balance necessary to keep the vaginal cavity healthy. Most women with vaginal infection have symptoms, but these can vary depending on the type of infection they have.

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What Causes a Vaginal Infection?

Vaginal infections can be caused by different reasons, as reported by EverydayHealth some factors can be the use of douches, hormonal changes, use of antibiotics, pregnancy, breastfeeding and having sex with one or more partners.

Types of vaginal infection

Based on their causes and symptoms, the most common types of vaginal infections are:


The most common infections are vaginal infections caused by yeast fungi. Of this type, candidiasis is the most frequent form. Candida is a fungus that lives naturally in your body, however, the vaginal cavity provides the necessary conditions to increase its quantity quickly, when this happens, the natural balance is distorted and vaginal infection develops.


The most common symptom of this infection is the discharge of a thick white mucosa with a coagulating appearance that seems to resemble cheese. You may also experience redness and itching in the vaginal area.

Bacterial Vaginitis

In addition to fungi and yeast, the vagina is inhabited by beneficial bacteria that prevent the growth of bacteria that could cause problems. When healthy bacteria decrease in number, this gives way for infectious bacteria to increase in number, resulting in infection. The bacteria known as “Gardnerella” is the most common to cause these types of problems.


When you suffer from Bacterial Vaginitis, the most common symptom is a thick discharge that is almost transparent or yellow in appearance, which usually has an unpleasant odor. Unlike fungal infection, this rarely burns or itches.

Vaginal trichomonas

This is a type of sexually transmitted infection, and it is caused by a parasite that is transmitted during sexual intercourse between partners. In women it develops an infection similar to the previous ones.


If you are infected, you may experience swelling, burning during intercourse or urination, yellow or green vaginal discharge, and strong vaginal odor.

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Remember to pay attention to your body’s signals. You need to recognize the natural changes that occur during your cycle and that they are normal. According to WebMD, a clear, odorless discharge is natural depending on where you are in your cycle, as it helps keep your vagina clean. But you should never ignore if you notice changes in the smell, discomforts such as burning or radical changes in the color or consistency of your vaginal discharge. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is recommended that you visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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