Up To What Age Is It Okay For Your Children To See You Naked? Here’s What The Consequences Experts Say

Is it right or wrong for your children to see you without clothes? Until when is it good (if it is?) Experts give their opinion as to what is good, bad, what is recommended and explain the consequences.

Apparently on this issue, most parents are at one extreme or the other. Either they do not let their children ever see them without clothes, or they are not directly concerned, however, as in almost everything in life, it seems that balance is the best (at least according to some experts).

That your children see you without clothes is fine

According to Sarah Fletcher, a sex therapist, having your kids see you without clothes has several benefits.

The therapist advises that at least until your children reach adolescence, the fact that they see their parents without clothes is good because it helps them to have a positive attitude about their bodies. “It helps them in a way not to believe that their bodies are somehow something to be ashamed of,” explains Fletcher.

Fletcher suggests that it is important for parents of teenagers to stop showing off their clothes. “I think that during puberty there should be more limits and respect for how they can feel.”

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Don’t be seen without clothes after they turn 6

On the other hand, Dr. Fran Walfish, author of The Self-Aware Parent, advises that parents start covering themselves after their children turn 6 years old. In this he includes the need to avoid bathing together, and dressing and undressing.

Walfish suggests that as parents we have the sensitivity to read the signals that our own give us to determine how long it is permissible for us to see them without clothes. He emphasizes the importance of respecting the individuality of our little ones.

Comfort seems to be the key

In an article published recently on CNN, the writer suggests after analyzing the subject in depth taking into account what the experts suggest and what other parents have done, she suggests that you should do what makes you feel comfortable.

That is, if as a parent you do not feel comfortable being without clothes in front of your children, then you should not force yourself to do it just because some experts have highlighted the benefits of children seeing their parents without clothes.

“If my son ever acted as if he was uncomfortable seeing us without clothes, of course we would respect him,” says Norman Nathan, editor of Motherhood Anthology. To this he added that “nudity, when it is 100% non-sexual, is not going to traumatize a child, especially if everyone is on the same page; if everyone is consenting to it and is comfortable with the situation.

Apparently, as parents, we all need to have the sensitivity of knowing when our children are no longer comfortable with being naked in front of us or seeing us without clothes.

Is it okay to let your children go without clothes in the house?

What happens when kids don’t want to keep their clothes on? This is also very common in many children; it would seem that they cannot bear to have anything on.

According to Dr. Kohlbrenmer, psychologist, there would be nothing wrong with letting our children go around the house without clothes, while they are young: “If they don’t do it now while they are children, when are they going to do it?”

Expert Sharon Lamb, a professor of mental health at the University of Massachusetts, explains that children will inevitably want to just wear their birth outfit, especially in certain situations.

After children turn 3 or 4, children begin to differentiate between what is public and what is private; very soon after this age is when they begin to feel modesty or modesty.

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However, it is up to the parents not to make a big problem or react negatively to seeing a child (including their own) running around the house without clothes. “If someone has a bad reaction to seeing a child running naked, it speaks to their own inner problems and conflicts,” explains Dr. Lawrence Balter, a psychologist at New York University.

Culture also has its own norms on the subject

As a last factor, we have culture. All cultures are different and have their own positions on the subject. While some are highly permissive, others are highly damning.

Many people are more conservative than others and it’s just the way they grew up and it’s not essentially a bad or good thing. The most important thing is to know that the fact that young children see their parents without clothes, should not leave them any trauma. But everything lies in the respect of parents for their children and of children for their parents.

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