Until He Does These 5 Things With You, You Will Not Know If He Really Loves You

Discover the 5 things that according to the experts, will give you the assurance that he came into your life to stay.

Love can have very different ways of manifesting itself and everyone has their styles and forms, but some specialists point out that there are some key points that can make a difference and determine that things are very serious!

If your partner has done some of these things with you, it is because he really loves you. Check each one of them, and if any of these are missing in your relationship, you will have to give it a little more desire for it to happen and everything goes smoothly! Pay close attention.

To accompany you shopping

In the case of men, there is no activity that produces more anxiety than watching their girlfriend go shopping, this because women tend to be a little more indecisive and always want to see a lot of things before choosing what they want. If one day you already told him “I want to go shopping!” And he told you that he does accompany you, so it is because he is truly in love with you and does not care what activity they do, as long as they spend time together, congratulations!

2. Let him introduce you to his family and friends

Men in general tend to be quite reserved with their social circles and do not open them to anyone just “just because”, when a man is interested, it is a fact, that he will invite you to dinner with his friends or take you home of their parents so that they know you; This speaks of a lot of formality and that you are someone with whom you want to do things well and everything is very serious, if this has already happened, you are on the other side!

3. Let him dedicate a song to you with mariachi!

If one day they go to a party with their friends or go out to a place where there is a trio, a mariachi or even a karaoke and ask for a song to sing to you and dedicate it to you in front of everyone, it means that you bring it from a wing! And it is that men do not do this kind of thing unless they are deeply in love with someone. In the worst case, if it is not very intonation to sing and you feel sorry for it, the simple fact that he asks for a song for you and they dedicate it to you is also a good sign.

4. Let them cook together

The kitchen inside a house, although you may not believe it, is a fairly intimate space, since when cooking you also need inspiration and a lot of love when preparing food. If one day he already told you “come to my house to cook” or “we should cook together”, this indicates that the relationship is going in a very good direction, imagine: Prepare some food together and then eat it accompanied by a good conversation of the candles, wow!

5. Let me travel with you

Travel is the perfect space for people to show themselves as they really are, since here, they put routine aside and worries aside. If your man has already told you that he wants to take a trip with you, this means that your relationship is already on another level because he is not afraid to show himself as he is.

According to experts, there are a number of benefits that your relationship can benefit from traveling together. Traveling together creates a type of bond that no other couple activity can create or replace. The feeling of sharing that adventure together, while both of you know a new place, strengthens the trust between the two. By letting yourself be tempted by the delights of the landscape, and living for a few days in that bubble that only this experience can give you, you will make your relationship share in something indestructible.

Plan that adventure that will unite you FOREVER. You can visit Aeroméxico, where you will find special options with destinations that are not found elsewhere, many of them different from the ordinary, and there are prices for all budgets. It is an experience that will serve both of them a lot because they will be able to know other facets that they surely did not know and thus realize how much he loves you and how in love he is with you, so if he tells you that if you want to travel, say yes!

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