Two Famous Hollywood Actors Publish The Same Video Of Their Son: They Applaud Him, They Call Her A “bad Mother”

The comments reveal the machismo that prevails in today’s society

When you openly show your private life on social networks, you know what you are exposing yourself to. Even more famous are known, to whom their followers do not lose footing or let absolutely nothing pass. Such was the case of two famous actors who published the same video on their social networks and their fans reacted in a diametrically opposite way in each case.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky is one of the most sensual and famous couples in Hollywood, who have three children whose photos they share on Instagram with their thousands of followers around the world. According to Europa FM, in recent days, a very particular attitude on the part of the fans of both actors drew attention due to the very different reactions that caused the same video published separately on the accounts of both. They praised him, they labeled her a “bad mother.”

The video in question

Their youngest son is called Tristán, he is 3 years old and has all the mischief of a child his age. His parents published on their respective Instagram accounts a video of the little boy climbing the fridge to look for the chocolates that his parents had hidden above the device so that the child would not reach them.

Of course, like every child, he managed to achieve it, and his parents took a video of that moment. They thought it was a prank fit for a child and wanted to share it with their Instagram followers.

Chris posted the video along with the caption: “My son found out where chocolate is kept. You must find a new hiding place. #tarzanrules ». While the actress, Elsa, also uploaded the same video with a similar caption that said: «I think we have to change the candy stash! #tarzan ». However, the reactions were surprisingly opposite.

The same video, different reactions

As soon as the video was uploaded, the actors began to receive comments about it. But they were surprised to see that, while they told him that he had a “strong and brave” son, they told her that she was irresponsible for letting her son climb like this.

This shows how much we need as a society to stop talking about gender equality and start practicing it once and for all. The actor’s followers wrote him things like “There is no doubt that he is the son of Thor”, or “You already have a successor as a superhero.” They also praised him and wrote “your son is strong and smart like his father.”

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But while Chris’s followers raved about praise, nothing like that happened with Elsa, who received a lot of criticism: “It’s dangerous, it can tip over”, You should make sure everything is properly anchored to the wall “or comments like” And does this make you laugh? This is society, children without limits. Evil”.

Other followers instead tried to put cold cloths on the situation. According to the Todo Noticias portal, some comments said: “Strong and adventurous boys and girls”, or “To the critical ones I say, that he is climbing a refrigerator not climbing Everest.” Meanwhile, a user tried to write a comment that makes most of those who had only written reviews reflect: «Elsa I think you have many followers who die of envy for your life and do not know how to screw you. I see that the same video of your little one has been uploaded by your husband but while they congratulate him on the new Thor in the house, they criticize you for educating your son badly. I really am ashamed of this attitude of unscrupulous people. Nothing, congratulations on your life. Enjoy your mini Thor and your life.

The reason for the criticism

Yes, it is obvious that it is dangerous for the child to climb the refrigerator. It is also true that they should make sure that the device is properly tacked to the wall, and it is still dangerous. But the fundamental question here is another: why is the responsibility only the mother has, while the father only received praise?

The reason for criticism is not only the act of the child itself, but always trying to see how “good” or “bad” mother can be a woman. The criticisms of the child’s mischief were perhaps correct, since his fans were concerned about the child’s safety, but I still wonder why the father did not receive that type of comments, don’t you think so?

Risks at home

Most of the comments on the actress’s profile have to do with the serious danger that the child can run when climbing, since the refrigerator – or any other furniture – can fall and crush him. It is one of the most common domestic accidents and from time to time we hear some fatal news about it.

Let us teach our children about the danger of climbing any type of furniture, but also, let’s prepare the environment so that it is free of dangers, securing the shelves, televisions and any other device that may fall and cause serious damage.

And what did you think of the different opinions regarding the same video?

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