Try Something Different! 4 Proposals That Will Make You Feel What You Have Never Been Able To Perceive In Your Life And You Will Want To Repeat!

Stay away from the gifts, festivities and dinners each year.

In this month when peace and love are everywhere, it is usually a perfect time to turn around and realize how lucky you are compared to other people. That is why I invite you to live it in a different way, to give yourself a very special gift that you are going to love and you will never be able to discard it from your life because it is forever. Do you dare to know these 4 special gifts?

1. Sponsor an angel

In all the countries of the world there are social problems in which people are affected, either by poverty, injustice or a thousand other things. According to the social context in which you live, investigate what deficiencies there are and choose one that allows you to help (wearing a coat, shelter, food, toys, etc.) Now that if what is left is will but you have no resources, meet with people They have the same intention and see what they can do for these people (read them a book, sing to them, play with them, etc.).

2. Save an isolate

Since the 1980s, about one-third of US citizens over the age of 65 live alone, and half of those over the age of 85 have shown a worrying increase in isolating themselves from society. If you have people in your family who are in this case, visit them, if not, you can look for nursing homes or centers where older adults meet and have the opportunity to meet several of them, I assure you that it is a unique experience, they they make you happy and they will make you have a good time with their stories or games.

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3. Colonies without gifts

There are many places that you may not have realized exist because they are near your home but not in highly visible places where many families survive from the cold and hunger. Make an invitation to your family, neighbors and friends to make a collection of toys and clothes, make the collection center in your house and make a careful choice of what can be used. Wash what is required and fix what can be made up. Take a walk around your neighborhood and try to identify a community that requires your input. Do not forget to speak with the head of neighbors to avoid any conflict.

4.Join as a volunteer

There are several organizations that are dedicated to telling you how to help hundreds of families around the world, it is just a matter of choosing what most catches your attention and can be provided, as well as through simple financial donations or weather. Now that if you like to participate in a more active way, there are organizations for everything, for example, in some you are a volunteer to cook, to make gifts with your own hands, in others they ask for their support to get presents and take them to deliver, in others you can prepare food or collect toys.

Undoubtedly, the December holidays are particularly special, precisely because of that magic that it contains that makes you see and feel that kind spirit and that great heart that you carry throughout the year and that flourishes more on these dates. And do not think that it is only about doing it once a year, it is more than anything about a challenge for you to do it and not want to keep doing it. Do not forget to invite your FAMILY and give them that eternal gift that not everyone has the privilege of having.

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