Try Not To Let The Child You Were Ashamed Of The Adult You Are

Sometimes it is necessary to think and act like children, even if we are adults. Let’s rescue our inner child to feel happy again.

We are all born without malice in our hearts, we are a pure soul who does not know what is good and what is bad; As we grow older, we form a concept of what we should do or not do, according to what our parents and close relatives teach us.

Without a doubt, childhood is the best stage we all go through; It may be that some children are more fortunate than others, however, innocence, purity, nobility, simplicity, sincerity, and the desire to experience new things, makes us have an unmatched and unique identity and personality in childhood .

All these qualities are typical of children, they remain in the depths of our being if they are well “planted” in time. That is why it is essential to go back to the past to reflect on the children we were and the adults we are  now.Why have we changed so much? What has made us lose the illusion we had when we were children? What have we done now? that goes against our values?

A past to rescue

Perhaps the answers to these questions could be millions; We can say that painful experiences, bad company, pleasures and other things have been modifying our path and way of being. That is why we have lost the essence with which we were born, realizing that life has many adversities, risks and problems that caused us to change suddenly, becoming colder, desolate and selfish adults. We can even be ashamed of the adults that we are.

How to rescue our essence from childhood?

1 Value every moment

Without fear of being wrong, many of the adults live their lives without enjoying their present, it seems that they are in a hurry to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations, without stopping a bit to enjoy the wonders of life. When we are children, time is worth gold, each day that dawns is a new beginning, which motivates us to know and do different things, building meaningful learning.

Go back to the depths of your inner child, that child who did not care about anything other than playing, experimenting and knowing; give yourself time to enjoy the blessings you have, to see the wonderful landscapes, to feel lucky to have health and a new opportunity to be a better person.

2 do not contradict yourself

There are many advertising campaigns that have the objective of causing a change of mentality to all people, about the actions that adults commit that go against the values ​​that children learn during their childhood.

In reality, most adults are sometimes forced to do things that they really don’t agree with, as long as do not contradictto the people around him taking care of an interest in between; They even do things they do not want to for fear of losing face or success, forgetting the values ​​they learned during their childhood.

Remember that we are all different, unique and special, remove your fears by expressing yourself as you are just for please others.Put a stop to those actions and habits in which you are forced to modify and that go against your own beliefs. Go back to the child that you were, that child who is not afraid to express his ideas, opinions and does not care what people think, the one who is authentic.

3 Take risks

All children are adventurous, daring and eloquent, they are not afraid to take risks, since they do not know the dangers they can face. Let’s go back to that innocence of childhood; To get out of a problem, adversity or any unpleasant situation, you must take risks when making decisions.

Act according to your beliefs and values, focus on the positive things that exist when you make decisions that you believe are the best, like a child!  What’s the worst that can happen? Choose actions without much return or haste, as long as everything you do does not affect those you love or the people around you.

4 Go back to the simplicity

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best, fighting to have more things; even have the latest technology to be fashionable; times evolve and cause us to think that we need things to be better. However, children do not really notice that, they are simple and do not need more than they have to feel happy.

For this reason, I think it is time to reflect and analyze what you really need to be well, without having to change your lifestyle just to please others or stay in a social group. Be yourself! Don’t be ashamed of simplicity, fight for what you want but not because it is a reflection of someone else, but because you want it that way.

5 Laugh at yourself

One of the things that I miss most about my childhood is that despite the sadness or problems I experienced, in a short time my smile would return as if it were magic. As adults that we are, many times we let problems andadversities keep us from being happy, enjoying and laughing at life and at oneself.

Feel like a child again, put your problems aside for a moment and enjoy the pleasant moments. Feel again that peace that you had when you slept in your parents’ bed; Try to be positive and rejoice all the time and you will see that your worries will diminish.

Let’s rescue that inner child, the one that we leave in oblivion. Feel happy again, see life with more calm, simplicity and joy; Do not let problems collapse you, since there will always be a tomorrow to learn and discover new things.  Do not stop being a child in an adult costume!

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