To Be Proud Of Your Children, That Is To Be Successful In Life

The world needs loving and responsible parents today more than ever. What are you doing to feel pride in your child?

«… Mommy dancing flamenco made our day

She stopped acting to ‘take care of’ the four of
us And we became’ her play
She put on our ‘boot’
And her life was one of our ‘achievement’ and our ‘defeat’ … »

Excerpt from the song René (Resident)


A few days ago I saw a video that certainly made me cry. I remembered parts of my life that I believed were occupying the “deep corner” of my memories.

The video showed young sons going to their workplace. parentsdressed in their prom dresses. They, young people full of happiness and with their lives ahead of them, giving proud parents the fruit of the efforts of both parties. Some in street jobs, and others, urban construction workers, all men and women who know how hard life is, but no matter what or how, they sacrifice their day to day so that their children have what they do not they could.

Whether it is a job from sunrise to sunset or inside an office, any work that is done in favor of giving children the best, refers to a sacrifice. The situation is that many times we children are not aware of what mom and dad have to do to give us what we need. The situation is that we only become aware of their sacrifices when we are parents.

Are you what you do for your children?

Yes and no. The arrival of your children in your life gives it a look that it did not have before. Some say that children are responsible for giving a reason for existence; In part that is true, even so before your children you also had goals and dreams. What changed is that they came to redirect your purpose for existence.

A person may or may not be successful, having children or not. Hesuccessof each human being depends on the will more than on the conditions of existence. Despite that, the arrival of a child can be (for many) the impetus required to try harder than before.

Of course, having children is not a determinant of responsibility. For many women and men having children does not refer to a change in their life, and unfortunately many times what they do is release the responsibility of children to third parties.

Ultimately, a child may or may not be a great change in the life of a human being. What is certain is that for a person who wants to progress, a child can be a source of motivation to achieve success.

Children as the materialization of dreams

Your children in a thousand ways can fulfill your dreams of success, but you need to be very careful about it. It is not the same that you force your children to fulfill your dreams and thus feel fulfilled through them, than the fact that your children are successful achieving their own goals, and you feel happy about it.

It is natural that by being their parent you want the best for them. What is not healthy is that you want to direct every step that he takes in his life. Your duty as a parent is to give them the tools to discover what they want to do with their lives. When you respect their wishes, your children will more easily find the mission for which they were born.

There is no doubt that you will feel happy to see your children achieve goals and succeed in life, much more than if you force them to follow what you believe is the best for them.

Good education as the basis for making dreams come true

The best way in which a father gives his children the foundations so that they have an excellent future is to educate in love, principles and values.

It is a drawer phrase, but it is 100% real: “Children are sponges that absorb all kinds of knowledge.” They will followthe examplethat you give them; Are you kind to someone in need? The result will be a kind human being. You are rude and petulant, your children will be a danger to society.

It doesn’t take large amounts of money in a bank account or a successful career to be proud of your child. Sometimes it is enough just to realize that you raised an excellent human being to feel fulfilled as a father or mother.

It is very good that your children are professionals, but it is much more valuable that they are kind, humble, helpful, honest and loyal. If a profession does not go hand in hand with good values, your children gain nothing from being cynical and dishonest millionaires; in the end only loneliness and bitterness await them.

Good people don’t have it all easy, but they are happier

The world was always a difficult place. Life itself is full of trials, some more complicated than others; Despite that, when a person is a good human being, life is much easier to face. The reason is that a good person will know how to take on challenges with humility, they will have the help of other good human beings in their path and hundreds of paths will open in their path because they are resilient, positive and proactive.

When a person has a good attitude towards life, daily challenges are easy to understand and to face. But behind every humble adult with a good attitude, there is a father and mother who gave their best to raise him.

It is vitally important that parents do not forget to nurture their children strong in values ​​as well as learning opportunities. When they do both, they guarantee that they will be powerful but good adults; With these tools, they will know how to use that power more to build and help, instead of using it to harm and abuse those who are in their charge.

I can only tell you that the world needs loving and responsible parents today more than ever. You must be willing to raise children by setting a good example, a comprehensive education, but above all, an education rich in values ​​and principles that in the long run will make you feel proud of the children you raised.


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