Tired Of Christmas? I Also!

If you suddenly no longer feel like decorating the house and getting very festive, this article can help you understand what is happening to you.

It will already be two Christmases in which there are no lights in the garden, nor the great nativity scene at the entrance of the house, the hanging stockings, the great decorated tree or the thousand preparations for Christmas dinner. Nor have there been piñatas or other decorations typical of the Christmas tradition in Mexico.

What happened to us? What happened? If just a few years ago my husband and I went crazy decorating everything, lighting lights, organizing dinner, looking for the perfect tree for the room and lining gift boxes. Simple: the daughters grew up, they left home in search of their own dreams. Marriage, college, and their travels became our priority.

Our first daughter was a winter bride, she got married when the season arrived, the whole wedding and its preparations had our attention and by the time we recovered from all the hustle and bustle, she was already on her wedding trip and Christmas would be in 48 hours. . We decided to go calmly and spend the holidays calmly and something simpler.

The following year was very similar, the second daughter left in early December to serve as a missionary and this year the youngest will be going on a trip to visit grandparents, so we have decided not to make big moves for Christmas.

Is the illusion for Christmas in our home over?

No, I think not, we are just exhausted but I have noticed that others are scared at the idea of ​​not doing everything that popular traditions mark, so if somehow you feel as tired as I or your family is in this transformation process, I invite you to consider these ideas:

Keep in mind the real reason for Christmas

Christmas is the great celebration for the birth of Christ, it is the perfect time to sea, serve and strengthen family ties, therefore, shopping, stress and racing to have a magazine photo house, we can stop it from side and focus a little more on loving and enjoying.

Get back to basics

Regardless of our moment of life, ours is to see the children leave and be left alone, we can all return to the beginning of Christmas. Visit the family, reread the story of the little boy from Bethlehem together and share the food with others. Here applies that of “less is more” Removing or omitting everything that generates unnecessary expenses or stress is valid.

Christmas is a living celebration

It is not fixed, nor suffocating, there are no reasons that force you to always do “this or that”, to meet the expectations of others or give in to social pressure. Christmas is the creation of flexible family traditions that can satisfy the needs of its members, that lets them know how much they are loved and above all that home is always there to receive them.

readReconcile with Christmas, make a different Christmas.

What you should never lose

Never make the mistake of putting celebration before people, what do I want to tell you? That it is useless to have a great dinner if we have not smoothed out rough edges with a distant child, that gifts are useless if obtaining them has compromised family finances, hides emotional deficiencies or is a source of anguish, stress or family lawsuit. People are more important than things, Christmas is about love for people.

Spend time serving others, this will make your Christmas doubly meaningful.

Every Christmas is unique, special and different

Christmas with small children are unique and the great treasures of the memory of anyone, but also those that we live alone or with friends being away from home working or serving in a distant country. Parties with teens are fun and full of surprises. There are joyful Christmases, others sad, some more abundant and others more modest and some more with the table without diners. Each one leaves us something and something teaches us.

Let us receive and accept with gratitude that which this year we are allowed to live.

My husband and I agree that this pleasure we experience by not having to prepare everything will last a short time because the daughters will return home like birds but they will arrive accompanied by their husbands and the glorious grandchildren, so I know that the screams, the races, the presents under a tree full of lights and a table set to gather them all.

So today, I enjoy this time and I appreciate it.

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